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Read the Word and Spread the Word

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It could be a simple matter to solve problems that bother people like you and me but it is not so easy to simply get rid of a problem and not to acquire another one. We all affect each other, like it or not. It is hard for a man to find happiness amid a society of unhappy people. But there is a way: where’s the Will, there’s the Way! And there are many ways of which surely one could be suitable to achieve personal and social peace of mind; like, for example …

Scientific debates are welcomed in all areas. People are made into the numbskulls so that they could be taken advantage of and robbed mercilessly, left, right and center. People’s vanity is exploited to such extremes that are simply unbelievable. Every woman wants to be beautiful, for example, but only those with money have access to the expensive cosmetics of the day; and what is worse, these cosmetic preparations are artificial and, purposefully or not, they are of short duration. There is an ancient knowledge about natural, and thus free cosmetic preparations that not only have long-lasting effect, but are a part of every day routine for healthy living. Because of secrets that …

All miracles are natural happenings in sub-natural environment, not super-natural happenings in natural environment; there is nothing that surpasses Nature, is above Nature or is commanding to Nature. The Nature is expression of …

The same is with magic, all depends what realm one is in and of what rank, from which angle one looks at a certain situation etc. …

Visit and see it for yourself, it is free of charge. There is something for everyone; seeing means believing.

People owe me nothing, I am sure of that, and if they owe anything to anyone else is entirely their business; but you owe it to yourself, to know …

Remember: that one could have many friends, but has really only one real friend if lucky enough to have that relationship maintained in good nick; usually, due lack of basic knowledge that could be provided only by Nature, the neglect creeps in and the relationship starts to itch at first, only to be gradually eaten away by parasites of the modern living. To neglect this one is a real neglect; the ultimate treason lies in betraying one own self. Only if a person has his or her own self, that person is able to have anything and everything else; without having one own self a person is not real and does really not qualify for anything.

I sincerely hope that I was not too ambiguous and that you understand what I am getting at by asking you to visit the above mentioned link; if you are not interested in knowing anything out of range … or if you are not able to visit the link for any reason, forward this letter to someone that you know of. You can send or forward this letter anonymously, i.e. in similar way as you have received it. Here is the link once again:

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P.S.: I am not sure about the rules at and I do not want violate their rules. I shall inquire about later, but as for now I shall try to post regularly: one or two blogs weekly.


Coming closer ... 1

Come closer to me … and listen what I have to say unto you. This essay is to help the reader through the complicated patches of the essays posted in the public domain. In the “public domain” I have a complicated task to present the Truth and Nature (and all their derivates), in an unnatural environment appearing to reader as phenomenal, that is not real; thus they are unable to fully perceive and know, what I am talking about, but only to believe, that is to rely on their belief that is nonexistent because they could not use their knowledge as a training tool. I can therefore understand reader that he/she cannot understand me when I am telling them that there are no “supernatural” phenomena in this reality, just natural; scientific reality is in the realm of Sub-natural, thus natural things or happenings most people perceive as “supernatural”. All miracles are natural happenings in sub-natural environment, not super-natural happenings in natural environment; there is nothing that surpasses Nature, is above Nature or is commanding to Nature. The Nature is expression of God and has its own laws that are known only to those close to Nature, to God, that is. Since the meaning of God has been obfuscated and used in many unsavory ways, I shall use term Nature, and the term Kingdom as a realm of Nature.

Now, the modern forever-changing science serves as a rule and the good old Nature is pushed into background and considered as primitive and superstitious; it seems that never occurs to some, and that is the great majority of people, that our science today has, as always had in the past, very hard time to come closer to Nature, let alone to catch up with it. Never shall science catch up with Nature; again for umpteenth time in history of the Nature and the life of Man, science shall cause a terrible destruction that will in turn bring the science, not Nature, Life or Man, to its rebirth; in its own natural environment that lies in unnaturalness of its own truths, science is insatiable and therefore its efforts must end where they begun – in nothingness. Therefore it is not only an easy task to predict the future of science, but is inevitable, a writing on the wall; again and again, new science will begin to raise from the ashes of its own destruction, carried by the lowest representatives of Nature, mainly those elements that we may consider as offal of the Nature – vermin of a kind – who failed to compliment the Nature and find their place and peace there.

This kind of humanlike members of society will, again as they did in the past, have effect on the true representatives of the Nature, who are the link between Nature and Man: the peasants. In the absence of Man’s presence and constant reassurance (due to reasons that may be known or unknown, relevant or irrelevant), this vermin will have exert his influence among the society by presenting his unnatural scientific phenomena as the truths, and advance deeper into upper spheres of society until it becomes physically capable to remove the ruler from the throne. The confusion that may arise in reader’s head is often too much for everyone to understand: especially where is offered money or services, often with honest intentions, but is not accepted; if I tell you that is much easier and simpler for me to give to you, whatever you need, from what I have or not have, then to receive from you something that you are not able or ready to give – simply because I do not know, yet, if you have anything to give or not – so, I must know the giver first. I must establish first the real owner: does that that you claim to have is really in your ownership or it could make a claim to own you? To bestow a real power upon a person I must know that particular person first and train that person how to handle that power; I must see that the person is not influenced by anything that could diminish the effect of the bestowed power.

It is not easy for me to write this because, even though it is the Truth, and because it is the Truth though, I have to go through it easy, with great care; for it is the Truth that has always been crucified, and, as I could predict with the dead accuracy, that the same Truth shall be crucified again and again. If it were a commercial article then, like everyone else, I would try to sell my stuff to everyone, and thus serve my own selfish little self, and needs that are holding me captive; but as is, this particular situation requires me to be very selective, so I must see that the right article gets into the right hands. No person in their right mind will give a box of matches as a toy to a toddler; some do, though, and later they wander who burned their house down, with the kid inside. Despite general opinion and appearance, where people supposed to be the same and equal, and therefore they should be treated accordingly by “respective” authorities (either law or God), I happen to look upon people from a different perspective: if I would give the same material to everyone, indiscriminately, I think that I would be violating all laws. I will not enter into details here, this shall be mention somewhere else, but this much must be clear to everyone; if this is not clear then, never mind, just keep reading. is in the public domain and therefore all essays here published here are for general readership, not specialized reading. For inner circle we have material that is not published in the same way as this material here. Essays that are publicized here have only one purpose: to bring everyone a bit closer to me, not too close though, so that I can pick and choose special people for special tasks, equipping them with the special knowledge that is especially designed for that particular task. No one can simply buy the knowledge; no matter how wealthy a person may be, the knowledge must be given to that person in a way that is beneficial to all, that is the knowledge that that person is able to understand and thus handle for advancement of all. If, for example, a greedy person is given knowledge about how to acquire wealth, without being cured from his illness (greed) before that, then one can predict disaster – like it is manifesting itself today along the line of “speculative economy” that is now begging for mercy; or else … we all know that the wounded beast can still bite hard.

Without plunging into the politics too deep, I would like to say that there are four distinct kinds of people living together in total disarray: the kings and emperors by the birthright have been overthrown and their heirs are mixed with beggars and beggars have ascended the thrones of kingdoms where they were commoners … That situation is here for very long time, and especially since French Revolution. The last two world wars were fought to ensure that the powers of darkness stay in power forever, which was only possible if the people assume unnatural for natural: thus come money to power, where now all of the people that are living together became subordinated to this power that paved the way for new forms of artificially structured kingdoms and appointed new vassals as “peoples’ representatives”, as presidents of “their” respective kingdoms now as “republics”, where the “people rule”. And they all succumbed to the power of money that was able to buy cheap souls. Remember: money means nothing in itself and has not any real value of its own, but those who handle it are in business of creating a price under the guise of value.

Now we have a new situation were the beggars, the general populace that consists of former peasants and/or commoners, did become choosers; a situation where the majority terrorizes minority is acceptable solution for majority, especially if it is in the business … There is no need to ask minority, because they better do agree if they do not want to attract a label of being fascists. And, besides, minority better save their breath and say nothing. And here we are: the beggars did become choosers, but, unfortunately, when and where was nothing to choose from on one hand and the beggars had no idea of a choice anyway on the other, because a beggar is deep down still a peasant who is depending on Nature, and this is that takes any other choice away from him. Only the Nature offers a real freedom to everyone, especially to those closest to her; and only a free being can possibly have a choice of his heart, not the one that is forced onto him/her. One cannot buy anything from the Nature, but if deserving, the Nature shall give everything. In the realm of Nature everything is free, ruled by the law of give and take: readiness to give shall equal with the possibility to take. As an exponent of the Nature, I am giving myself unto you, so take me if you can, and if you are willing to receive me and to keep me forever; but do not ever try to buy me, because I have not a price.

All these “free choices” have brought a powerful king, expressed in peasant, into a situation of being a pauper, and in order to survive in a new, unnatural and hostile environment, to become a beggar; yes, a beggar by trade now where he is obligated to compete, using all “tricks of his trade” to win the lost game; in his natural environment he is familiar with everything, because mother Nature made him familiar with everything he is meant to know, and in this environment he compliments the others, not competes. He knows very well what is his purpose and position in life and is dutifully fulfilling his purpose of life in society, thus contributing to the harmony and wellbeing of the society, where in unnatural situation in which he finds himself as a beggar, he might think of himself as being a “master”, a master beggar and easily run for the president of a state and cause great disruption by the laughter of the folks; or even worse, he might win the race (if his lies hit the right ears) and run the politics without having any clue about its workings. A beggar, like animal, tree, or any other basic constituent of Nature, is in its nature very dependent of Nature and belongs to Nature; he follows the intrinsic law of Nature and must not ever be uprooted completely; he will be happy only if is still in touch with Nature and in his environment.

Taking that beggar out of his natural environment and give him control over something that he has little or no knowledge of, that is an “achievement”: not only will that enslave the beggar, where his toil will get worth less (due to inflation, controlled by the forces of darkness), but will cement him in this position, blackmail him, up until his every-day sweat becomes totally worthless. Remember that attached price does never represent its real value; even in strictly commercial terms, the real value is expressed in the price that the customer is willing to pay or, to extend it and put it more to the point, is forced to pay. At this point the beggar shall realize that there is no point to slave for something that has no other meaning but enslave him even more. By now, bit by bit, it is becoming clear that money has had its day; money was able to capture only those poor souls that did not find any purpose in life. I shall endeavor to give a purpose of life to every man and woman and, by giving them a special knowledge, that will set them free, they will be able to know how to counter the forces of darkness: the ultimate buying power of money is not to buy goods that is supposed give life to you, but to buy you to give value to their goods, and the life they offer. As long as their goods are being sold they will keep up with the production.

We have to go back to the beginning; first with the thought outlined in this essay then, when ready with the real life. Here I shall describe the social structure of the beginning when the Man lived surrounded by men. If someone thinks that I must be kidding, that this not possible … I shall tell them that not only is that possible, but it is impossible to continue this life, now compromised and seen as it is: a fraud. Even as the one of the lowest rank you will be able to see, because I shall make you to see; to see as much as you need to see. As the one in constant need, you shall not have free choice; the lack of choices will make you being satisfied. I shall see that your needs are satisfied and you will be grateful for this; you will have me in high regard. If you think that they are powerful then think also that you are the one or ones who gave them that power: and you will also be the one or ones who shall withdraw that power from them … and transfer it to those whom I make fit to be able to handle it. You are aware that as a person without knowledge, you are not in position to have any power; and if I decide not to transfer any knowledge to you than understand that there is a reason for it, and wait for your stars to reach a luckier alignment.

Above description befits the lowest social rank. As one can see, very little changes for those who lack knowledge; they will stay where they belong and move accordingly. These people will have the opportunity to create their own chances and progress naturally, not artificially; though some of them will be bribed by temptations and put themselves up for sale and be active in a destructive way among society, as vermin do.. Thus will this people grow and progress in the spirit of Nature preserving the purpose and meaning of life: the beggars will become peasants again, the kings in their own kingdoms of Nature. And this is the only meaningful way in which is any and every civilization truly connected with the Nature, which in turn guarantees prosperity of the civilization itself. Every civilization springs as unnatural growth on the natural body of a society and, as every other parasite that our science happens to show us, draws the life support for its being from the body to which it clings. Every civilization tries, and inevitably fails, to establish a “ruling class”; it establishes its ruling parties though, which are always in the realm of unnatural growth and hardly ever penetrate the surface of the natural body of society; it leaves the scar behind, like after any other operation when a tumor is removed, but that is all.

The representatives of the power of darkness have done the same in their endeavor to ascend the throne; the only difference is that they employ the magic to suit the lies and did not come out with the truth. By civilizing a beggar in the way they did, and uprooting him completely from his environment, the forces of darkness have also effectively cut the life line to their own project expressed in “advanced” unnatural civilization, where they are compelled to kill the Nature itself to enable their project to live, and in absence of natural means of life-giving forces they had to relay on their forever-changing and needy science and artificially made means of life, thus resorting to plunders and wars, the means that gradually became institutionalized, and the-right-way-of-life; well, when the time comes that the warrior becomes tired and thus has time to think and reflect, he start to question the purpose of his efforts and sufferings. This paper he just might be able to understand. Therefore the Truth is predestined to be slain that the lie could ascend to the throne.

I shall finish this part here and in future parts of this essay I shall present you with stuff that is omitted here; not because of lack of space, plenty of it here, but all this makes me very tired. Those readers who want more than just this, like seminars etc., can contact me and I shall endeavor to answer their mail.

Scientific debates are welcomed in all areas. People are made into the numbskulls so that they could be taken advantage of and robbed mercilessly, left, right and center. People’s vanity is exploited to such extremes that are simply unbelievable. Every woman wants to be beautiful, for example, but only those with money have access to the expensive cosmetics of the day; and what is worse, these cosmetic preparations are artificial and, purposefully or not, they are of short duration. There is an ancient knowledge about natural, and thus free cosmetic preparations that not only have long-lasting effect, but are a part of every day routine for healthy living. Because of secrets that I do not wish reveal publicly, but only to those closer to me, I will not publish my findings; I will give them to my friends in private mail or private lessons.

I happen to read several books on subject of spirituality and did notice that many authors touching the subject on chakras are capable of explaining its psychic function in scientific terms, but totally missing the point: chakras have much more wider and practical purpose in life than just a spiritual one. Since this subject is considered as top secret, it shall be disclosed to the select ones only.

That is all for now, folks. Hope I did not bore you too much. And before I finish, there is a book that I would like recomed ro readers: Anastasia, Book 1 from The Ringing Cedars Series. A must read book available from: .



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Emailed Invitation

Dear friend,

This is very special invitation to visit my essays; they range widely and there you might find something of interest for you. From law and order to science, to medicine … you name it; if is not there then I shall write about it for you. Whatever it might be that you want to know; but first I shall satisfy your needs and thus making you free to choose that what you want. If you qualify, I shall help you in setting you free, by healing you from sickly desires, such as greed for example: rich is not the one who has and needs to have even more, but the one who gives and has ever more to give; and this is what I shall teach you. Here I am not asking anything from you, let alone money; I know that you need it now, every cent. I am offering you even more of it. You may find some of the stories very familiar; so here is the URL:

Hopefully you will like what is written and recommend this reading by forwarding this letter to other people. I shall feel sorry for you if you should feel disappointed and I would like to hear what you have to say about the stuff. I am keen to hear your comments; they are most welcome and shall be treated with respect they deserve, if you send them to:

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If you, as a recipient of this letter, are familiar or expert in the field of computer and/or internet technology, and are willing and able to devote some of your time I helping me in developing the web pages etc. As for now, all this work is done by me alone. If willing, please contact me at:

I would like my essays to be translated into as many languages as possible and therefore I invite everyone capable of translating, from English into their native language, to join me. A handsome reward is awaiting all those who show their willingness in helping me to promote Truth that is concealed in my essays. Translators, please contact:

And if there is anything else that you want to say to me, to share the secret treasures of your heart, I am waiting for you since time immemorial. Whenever you are ready I am there with an open heart and open mind. So, you brave men and women, write to me at:


Important: 1. Use not “reply” button, but one of the above-mentioned addresses indicated instead, citing the text or code in the subject line. 2. If you do not want hear from me again, just a friendly “block the sender” will do; I apologize if this letter caused you a trouble.

"Men occasionally stumble over the TRUTH, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened..."
- Winston Churchill


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have just finished reading Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars Series – Book 1, a book that is so close to my own style of thinking that I know, not think or believe but know, that that book is dictated for me to read; when one says “believe” or “think”, then there is some doubt about that. But here, Anastasia is talking to me; we did never meet but she knows me very well. How do I know that? Well, I happen to know things at the time, of which verification comes later; I receive psychic attacks when something is going involving my person. When my two friends died, both of cancer, I was able to verify very soon, especially when the later one died and I was expecting that it could happen any day; but there were many times in the last 12 or so years that I have had a psychic attacks that kept me in dark until I have read the book. I attributed those psychic attacks to possible misbehavior of my already adult children while being absent, which some of them could be attributed, but many in absence of any explanation were attributed to my Hanuma, which created plenty of trouble between us.

Here I shall describe one of the attacks that doctors could not find any explanation at all: every possible function of my body was normal. For exact data I would have to go trough hospital records; since my intention is not to persuade anybody individually but to write an account of happening in my past, I shall skip the details and present a gist of the story: it is irrelevant when exactly it happened, but how it happened. I was at my separated wife’s place and there we argued about our past life together. All of the sudden I experienced a seizure of indescribable magnitude accompanied with a pain, especially in my right arm where I had a feeling that my fingers are pulled into the lower arm by some unknown force, and then I have lost my consciousness and was taken to Sir Charles Gardner Hospital by the ambulance. No reason was ever found until now, I have found it in the book; Anastasia knows and I am sure that Vladimir Megre is aware of it. There, on page 202 starts the last paragraph he writes: “Still another religious leader said that while Anastasia is currently studying our life, she has not yet managed, unfortunately, to meet up with a real man. Later I was told that there is one chap very much like Anastasia living in Australia, and that the two should meet.”

I am already studying the maps and looking into possibilities to get there and meet Anastasia; I hope that Vladimir Megre will help. Anastasia knows that I am coming and her heart is reeling with happiness; she knows that she holds the key to my Kingdom for us to enter, where the whole universe will sing with joy. And my Odyssey will come to and happy conclusion. Then I shall lead her trough the story of my life in Hell; so that she does not wonder why her life has become suddenly different from that before. I am the King that carries the knife of destiny still in His back; deep and ugly wound awaits her to nurse. Inside it hurts more, Anastasia understands this, because I loved them with a whole of my heart; and by nursing the wound of my heart, her heart will get healed too. And thanks to her loving care I may forgive to my tormentors, because they did not know what they were doing. Even if they did, it will not matter any more. Here is only one more thing to say, and this is that the book is a must read and here is the address:

Thirty years ago, in my publications Uvezane misli, and later in Hrvat,* both issued in Croatian with the purpose to attain the freedom for Croatia, I was expressing similar views concerning a human being as a real man, where I distinguished Him from the rest of mortals that surround Him with an “M”; at that time I was heavily criticized and ridiculed by literally everyone. My motto was: “Everything is possible to Man, but to become a real man seems to be impossible to many.” Since that time, as well as since time immemorial, the world was changing around me and has changed many times, which has only reaffirmed me in my observations that my postulate are correct and that I indeed do not fit into this changing world, the world of phenomena, that I constitute a completely different world, world that I most probably shall not be able to find, simply because it does not exist. I was sad then, because I could not grasp that people around me do not understand what I was talking about; and those few who did understand could not believe it. When I was in Croatia, 1991, a friend from my childhood days, Branko, once said to me: “Bruno, I cannot believe that you have written this; only God can write stuff like that”. This is it, it would be even more ridiculous to try persuading him that I am God; therefore, I am. When I say that I am real, a real man, then I say that with authority of the One that knows the Truth; He know what constitutes Him and He knows what constitutes the world He shares with those who just believe. He, who knows is not in need of believing, because the Knowledge sets Him above any belief where His authority cannot be questioned; believers and disbelievers are those constituents of His world that cause changes and separation from His world, thus rendering that world unreal.

This is the world of eternal struggle where “the fallen angels” as the representatives of the forces of darkness meeting the “ascending angels” who strive to reach the Light but, who in due curse of many temptations and absence of solid knowledge, thus relaying on their shaky beliefs, easily fall prey to lies that are in command in this domain where Truth is absent or poorly represented. And this is your world, and as long as you have no knowledge to relay upon, you have no choice but to accept it as such; you are co-creator of the circumstances and all the changes that happen in this world, but you did not have any say in it. You are not a king of you world, as I am of mine; the highest level you could achieve is to become an obedient vassal, serf that is a peon in the game of the Satan, the commander in chief of the forces of darkness. So, I came into the arena again with only one purpose: not to fight your battle against the forces of darkness, but to shed light enabling you to see the Light and attain new life. Even if all logic and common sense would drop dead, and the forces of darkness would win the battle, ask yourself what that would bring to you: freedom? To fight the battle for the forces of darkness, one can achieve some privileged position to which that person has no right; all rights are suspended or nonexistent in this world.

(* Both publications have been discontinued with last issues printed in Zagreb; Hrvat --No. 3 Domovinsko Izdanje. Upon my arrival back in Perth, I prepared a combined issue in May 1994, HRVATUM 94, which is still on disk and I intend to publish it at first occasion in an edited format; in Croatian, first as a blog than as a publication in written format. It will still have its original national character with some of nationalistic bite left for better digestion. One thing is always to be kept in mind and this is that in the lack of understanding there is only the feeling of belonging left for a person to cling to; the moment those forces of the darkness have achieved what they wanted to achieve the National of any kind has been condemned and blackened, because it gives a feeling of unity to people of whom the forces of darkness are afraid. Their aim is to destroy every nation in its core, and substitute the heart of it with artificially created civil states. For fine detail email to: )

By finding myself in the wilderness of this world, of this newly civilized world, I have rediscovered the Truth, and the Light in the newly mended old garment: here I am! I am the Truth, and the Light, and the Life too. The light from my Torch is irritating eyes of many creatures around me; so I dimmed my Torch at times, just enough light to be shed only for those who have eyes to see. And I gave them the chance to abuse it. By doing so, I gave to all those creatures their undeserved freedom of expressing their (very immature and undeveloped) Will, thus making them responsible in co-creation of a life that was destined to turn to be unreal; it was destined to become that way, because the dream was mine and not theirs, and we did not become One that would make our dream being carried through into reality as a clear vision, but rather resulted in confusion caused by the nightmares that affected me as well; as a result, for long time I did look upon people around me with contempt, offering them only scraps of my needs – and I do not need anything; for a long we lived not together. I do not want to denigrate you just that you know. As long as you do not know, and thus you are forced to believe, or disbelieve, you better trust my word and just listen to me what I say, and obey. Until you know, we are not equal and therefore there cannot be a dialog between us, just a monolog. Of course, I shall swallow my pride and lower myself when I see that you are striving to attain my knowledge; because every real act must be purposeful. I can give you a sense of freedom, but I cannot set you free, even if I were holding you in my possession by you free choice; the Knowledge must come from you and this is this Knowledge that will set you free, free of all limitations, bonds and/or boundaries.

As ever, today, licking my wounds, I am emerging from the still flickering ashes of my Torch, weary, tired, exhausted … but determined and adamant more than ever to show (light and/or enlighten) the way to and of this, once again, new world in the eyes of eternal reality. The reaction of the forces of darkness was fearsome; in my particular case they act under disguise of Centrelink (social security) and have put obstacles everywhere in the way of suspending my pension rather regularly; right now I am without pension. (Pension did not hit my account on the day it should, on Friday, and I have sent them a warning with the invoice the following Monday, after I checked my account; it was reinstated two days later, on Wednesday, claiming that my “pension is current” with last payments made on the due date, Friday, which is possible and it could be the bank’s fault; it shall be mentioned in other article).

If anyone wonders about how will I get there and who will finance me, then I can tell you all that this is last of my worries: Anastasia will make it happen. She will influence the forces of darkness, trough reading her words, to be reasonable and listen to what I say: they owe me a lot of money in withholding a portion of my pension and I want that money back. So, I hope there will be enough for the trip to Siberia; but if anybody wants to help, every donation is welcomed with gratitude.


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David Pluff -- No. 2 (a serial in memoriam)

David Leroy Pluff, Overton, Rusk County, Texas – Article No. 2

Read this article at and other suitable publications that we shall find fit for the purpose of promoting the Truth. It is an obituary series about David Pluff, but it appears not in the rubric “In Memoriam” or “Obituaries”, but in rubric “Justice, Law and Lawyers”. What I can tell the reader right now, David Pluff will have to say much, much more than can fit into this text; much more than some will be able to stand. I do urge you to obtain and read previous issue so you can be in the picture. Your comments are most welcome; all emails to be addressed to: .

IMPORTANT: when replying please quote “David L. Pluff 2” in the subject line


(Following four paragraphs are pasted from the previous issue, to avoid repeating, and new stuff is added after them, marked by three asterisks.)

American patriot and Viet Nam veteran, David Leroy Pluff from Overton, Rusk County, Texas, was born October 1, 1945 and died April 11, 2006. His 14.75 acre property is situated at 10680 64W State Highway in Turner Town, Overton, Rusk County, Texas. I cannot put picture into this blog but can send in email to those interested. David Pluff and Hongjiu Liao have become husband and wife on December 29, 2004 with the celebration taken place in the office in Nanning, Guangxi, China. He went back home to Texas to do business as usual and to finish his new home where he intended to bring his wife, his “China Doll” as he used to call her. In the mean time, he petitioned for his wife to bring her home to Texas, and, just in case, he made a Will in Mr. Patterson’s office, witnessed by Mr. Patterson, a lawyer and Mrs. Patterson, a law-service person herself, in which he made a clear point of disinheriting all of his children and made his wife inheriting every bit of his property, just in case … knowing that undercurrent of immense love towards Chinese nationals. I can understand, because in Australia is very much the same, but his wife certainly cannot; because he did not want to disappoint her, and she is not able to read let alone to read between the lines. The Will is registered in the office of District Court at Law, Rusk County, Texas and the case number is: 06-065P

The Will itself is a wetness of a life within the body of a majority of contemporary Americans and soberness is its very strength from which emerges the courage of the brave that sheltered a cowardice for too long; David did say his piece between the lines to all those that can hear and show to those that can see and one week later he was found dead: heart attack, says the certificate … however, his sister Lou said in her faxed memo to David’s wife, that he had a fall. Roughly four weeks prior David’s departure to China, he was brought to Henderson Memorial Hospital in near-dead condition caused by extreme suffocation, the happening of which is the record in his email to his wife; a shocking account, extremely disturbing too, that I have presented the both lawyers with and both had replied that David daughter, Laura Hood a.k.a. Laura Pluff has different explanation for the fire. The facts are: a) that the fire was never investigated by the police and b) that Laura set the house on fire while her father, David was fast asleep, which was the main reason for the creation of the Will, in which she is to be disinherited most prominently.

Now we have a situation where both lawyers know about the fire “from the horse’s mouth”, that is, they have received David’s email to his soon-to-become wife, because I have sent it to both of them; there I hinted to the possibility of aiding and abetting in a possible crime investigating situation thus perverting the cause of justice: police cannot investigate something that is hidden, because deemed as a natural happening by people who not only have no training and capacity to classify the crime as it is happening but only to protect the criminals to get punished or overly punished. It could have been an accidental death, which I am inclined to believe is the case, but also a manslaughter too; but, reading all David’s emails to his wife, and listening to her what she has to say about the whole thing that David told her (the two talked every day twice via Internet and she knows a lot), and taking in account the Laura’s hatred toward her father’s wife; and in view that he made a Will a week earlier to disinheriting her … well, it makes me think that the whole thing might be warranting a thorough investigation. But the lawyers don’t. Nobody asked Mrs. Pluff to come there and say her piece.

She must get there in order to apply for widow’s pension and veteran widow allowance anyway; thus government is actively helping the poor situation she is in by refusing to issue with a visa. And this is not all: there are three properties rented out, collecting $1,275.00 monthly, which are collected by someone there but not by its rightful and legal owner. She is the legal owner of all property, despite the Will being contested: the act of contention does not suspend her right as an owner while deliberating. The court may deliberate as long as they have to, and until the court reaches its verdict, everything stays in place and runs as usual. But, by preventing her, as the rightful owner, to run her legal affairs, they are forcing her into accepting a bankruptcy as the only legal way out; which is illegal and punishable by every law in the world that I am aware of. But later about that will be mentioned to the Texas Lawyers’ Creed too, asking them their opinion on that matter.

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Today is the first day of October, David, and I wish you a happy birthday. Today a child was born to become a man and a patriot, an American patriot, who, being an honest man, is naturally trusting, will be betrayed by his compatriots, fellow Americans; not by the ordinary Americans but by those who have taken an oath to serve and promote justice and the law. Unbelievable, but it is true; because you were not there they did not care to honor your Will. Those involved would try to find the justification in your “wrong choice”, because you have chosen to marry a Chinese woman; in your Will you have said it all, when you disinherited your immediate family: they did not pay a hid but show defiance instead … as if you have done something out of order by hurting them who think and act typically American, typically Western. Firstly, your daughter lit the fire in the computer room while you were fast asleep, and then she contested your Will, thus stalling the smooth continuance of the life that you started. Lawyers joined happily into this circus, knowing that there is money to be had. But, is the money the only motivator in this game? No, by the long shot not, which will be explained later on after I finish this rant with relevant Texan facts and in a Texan style? They could not that to David while he was around because of fear, especially when he had a few under his belt. Some of the testimonies reveal, as seen in the court archive, that they used to run for cover if he saw that something was out of order; in that Texan state or the state of the Texan that we talking about, all riffles would be ready, loaded, some in the cabinet and some out; he like to keep his things clean; especially his riffles. As it is now, the whole property is plundered, cleared of everything, contrary to assurance by Mr. Patterson to Mrs. Pluff, that “property is fully protected by the court order and has an administrator appointed by the court to look after it”.

As said above, money was not the only motivator; it is more complex than that. It is deep-rooted in every American person, but denied by majority of Americans; only a small percentage of population do recognize it and battle with it, and at the same time trying to make aware their fellow Americans of the true affair that is denied but well alive and kicking under their skin. Those patriots are usually ridiculed by their fellow Americans and often punished for their heresies, especially in the south, like Texas or Louisiana. I am referring to deep-rooted hatred and plunder or exploitation of any sort. Thus depriving David’s wife of her inheritance is in their eyes justified as an act of “correcting a mistake” of their “beloved”, though heretical fellow American; she is a Chinese, after all. It is of very little or no importance that it is contrary to the letter of the Texan law; so, many of the executed orders (like selling off the possessions of David Pluff), have not been signed by the judge, as I happen to witness it when visiting the court archive. But, this is not an isolated problem that only David Pluff was confronted with, but one that is facing every single American, and the American politics; it affects the policy of every American administration, because they are depending on wars and more wars.

US fiscal policies are those of plunder and exploitation and it is obvious that it cannot go that way forever; this financial blow of these days is just a beginning. After the WWII was clear that this cannot work, but those involved were not able to do anything about. The same is today, but things are gradually improving and soon we shall see America at her beginning: to start to work hard for her crust, and think less about plundering other nations. Even though the American people have expressed their wish not to bail out banks, trough the vote of senators, it is to expect the Senate to give in: the ever-increasing pressure of newer realities is opening their eyes to the point where they wonder if it si possible to abandon the old-fashioned style of plunder and exploitation. They know that the only way to plunder without open hostilities is the ‘free market economy’, where the only US is free to set the rules to their advantage. Once every nation start to fetch for themselves and does not want to do business with US, America will then become free too; as it is now, US economy is depending on others. Real wealth is in real sweat, one’s own sweat.

2 Oct. 2008

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