Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have just finished reading Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars Series – Book 1, a book that is so close to my own style of thinking that I know, not think or believe but know, that that book is dictated for me to read; when one says “believe” or “think”, then there is some doubt about that. But here, Anastasia is talking to me; we did never meet but she knows me very well. How do I know that? Well, I happen to know things at the time, of which verification comes later; I receive psychic attacks when something is going involving my person. When my two friends died, both of cancer, I was able to verify very soon, especially when the later one died and I was expecting that it could happen any day; but there were many times in the last 12 or so years that I have had a psychic attacks that kept me in dark until I have read the book. I attributed those psychic attacks to possible misbehavior of my already adult children while being absent, which some of them could be attributed, but many in absence of any explanation were attributed to my Hanuma, which created plenty of trouble between us.

Here I shall describe one of the attacks that doctors could not find any explanation at all: every possible function of my body was normal. For exact data I would have to go trough hospital records; since my intention is not to persuade anybody individually but to write an account of happening in my past, I shall skip the details and present a gist of the story: it is irrelevant when exactly it happened, but how it happened. I was at my separated wife’s place and there we argued about our past life together. All of the sudden I experienced a seizure of indescribable magnitude accompanied with a pain, especially in my right arm where I had a feeling that my fingers are pulled into the lower arm by some unknown force, and then I have lost my consciousness and was taken to Sir Charles Gardner Hospital by the ambulance. No reason was ever found until now, I have found it in the book; Anastasia knows and I am sure that Vladimir Megre is aware of it. There, on page 202 starts the last paragraph he writes: “Still another religious leader said that while Anastasia is currently studying our life, she has not yet managed, unfortunately, to meet up with a real man. Later I was told that there is one chap very much like Anastasia living in Australia, and that the two should meet.”

I am already studying the maps and looking into possibilities to get there and meet Anastasia; I hope that Vladimir Megre will help. Anastasia knows that I am coming and her heart is reeling with happiness; she knows that she holds the key to my Kingdom for us to enter, where the whole universe will sing with joy. And my Odyssey will come to and happy conclusion. Then I shall lead her trough the story of my life in Hell; so that she does not wonder why her life has become suddenly different from that before. I am the King that carries the knife of destiny still in His back; deep and ugly wound awaits her to nurse. Inside it hurts more, Anastasia understands this, because I loved them with a whole of my heart; and by nursing the wound of my heart, her heart will get healed too. And thanks to her loving care I may forgive to my tormentors, because they did not know what they were doing. Even if they did, it will not matter any more. Here is only one more thing to say, and this is that the book is a must read and here is the address:

Thirty years ago, in my publications Uvezane misli, and later in Hrvat,* both issued in Croatian with the purpose to attain the freedom for Croatia, I was expressing similar views concerning a human being as a real man, where I distinguished Him from the rest of mortals that surround Him with an “M”; at that time I was heavily criticized and ridiculed by literally everyone. My motto was: “Everything is possible to Man, but to become a real man seems to be impossible to many.” Since that time, as well as since time immemorial, the world was changing around me and has changed many times, which has only reaffirmed me in my observations that my postulate are correct and that I indeed do not fit into this changing world, the world of phenomena, that I constitute a completely different world, world that I most probably shall not be able to find, simply because it does not exist. I was sad then, because I could not grasp that people around me do not understand what I was talking about; and those few who did understand could not believe it. When I was in Croatia, 1991, a friend from my childhood days, Branko, once said to me: “Bruno, I cannot believe that you have written this; only God can write stuff like that”. This is it, it would be even more ridiculous to try persuading him that I am God; therefore, I am. When I say that I am real, a real man, then I say that with authority of the One that knows the Truth; He know what constitutes Him and He knows what constitutes the world He shares with those who just believe. He, who knows is not in need of believing, because the Knowledge sets Him above any belief where His authority cannot be questioned; believers and disbelievers are those constituents of His world that cause changes and separation from His world, thus rendering that world unreal.

This is the world of eternal struggle where “the fallen angels” as the representatives of the forces of darkness meeting the “ascending angels” who strive to reach the Light but, who in due curse of many temptations and absence of solid knowledge, thus relaying on their shaky beliefs, easily fall prey to lies that are in command in this domain where Truth is absent or poorly represented. And this is your world, and as long as you have no knowledge to relay upon, you have no choice but to accept it as such; you are co-creator of the circumstances and all the changes that happen in this world, but you did not have any say in it. You are not a king of you world, as I am of mine; the highest level you could achieve is to become an obedient vassal, serf that is a peon in the game of the Satan, the commander in chief of the forces of darkness. So, I came into the arena again with only one purpose: not to fight your battle against the forces of darkness, but to shed light enabling you to see the Light and attain new life. Even if all logic and common sense would drop dead, and the forces of darkness would win the battle, ask yourself what that would bring to you: freedom? To fight the battle for the forces of darkness, one can achieve some privileged position to which that person has no right; all rights are suspended or nonexistent in this world.

(* Both publications have been discontinued with last issues printed in Zagreb; Hrvat --No. 3 Domovinsko Izdanje. Upon my arrival back in Perth, I prepared a combined issue in May 1994, HRVATUM 94, which is still on disk and I intend to publish it at first occasion in an edited format; in Croatian, first as a blog than as a publication in written format. It will still have its original national character with some of nationalistic bite left for better digestion. One thing is always to be kept in mind and this is that in the lack of understanding there is only the feeling of belonging left for a person to cling to; the moment those forces of the darkness have achieved what they wanted to achieve the National of any kind has been condemned and blackened, because it gives a feeling of unity to people of whom the forces of darkness are afraid. Their aim is to destroy every nation in its core, and substitute the heart of it with artificially created civil states. For fine detail email to: )

By finding myself in the wilderness of this world, of this newly civilized world, I have rediscovered the Truth, and the Light in the newly mended old garment: here I am! I am the Truth, and the Light, and the Life too. The light from my Torch is irritating eyes of many creatures around me; so I dimmed my Torch at times, just enough light to be shed only for those who have eyes to see. And I gave them the chance to abuse it. By doing so, I gave to all those creatures their undeserved freedom of expressing their (very immature and undeveloped) Will, thus making them responsible in co-creation of a life that was destined to turn to be unreal; it was destined to become that way, because the dream was mine and not theirs, and we did not become One that would make our dream being carried through into reality as a clear vision, but rather resulted in confusion caused by the nightmares that affected me as well; as a result, for long time I did look upon people around me with contempt, offering them only scraps of my needs – and I do not need anything; for a long we lived not together. I do not want to denigrate you just that you know. As long as you do not know, and thus you are forced to believe, or disbelieve, you better trust my word and just listen to me what I say, and obey. Until you know, we are not equal and therefore there cannot be a dialog between us, just a monolog. Of course, I shall swallow my pride and lower myself when I see that you are striving to attain my knowledge; because every real act must be purposeful. I can give you a sense of freedom, but I cannot set you free, even if I were holding you in my possession by you free choice; the Knowledge must come from you and this is this Knowledge that will set you free, free of all limitations, bonds and/or boundaries.

As ever, today, licking my wounds, I am emerging from the still flickering ashes of my Torch, weary, tired, exhausted … but determined and adamant more than ever to show (light and/or enlighten) the way to and of this, once again, new world in the eyes of eternal reality. The reaction of the forces of darkness was fearsome; in my particular case they act under disguise of Centrelink (social security) and have put obstacles everywhere in the way of suspending my pension rather regularly; right now I am without pension. (Pension did not hit my account on the day it should, on Friday, and I have sent them a warning with the invoice the following Monday, after I checked my account; it was reinstated two days later, on Wednesday, claiming that my “pension is current” with last payments made on the due date, Friday, which is possible and it could be the bank’s fault; it shall be mentioned in other article).

If anyone wonders about how will I get there and who will finance me, then I can tell you all that this is last of my worries: Anastasia will make it happen. She will influence the forces of darkness, trough reading her words, to be reasonable and listen to what I say: they owe me a lot of money in withholding a portion of my pension and I want that money back. So, I hope there will be enough for the trip to Siberia; but if anybody wants to help, every donation is welcomed with gratitude.