Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emailed Invitation

Dear friend,

This is very special invitation to visit my essays; they range widely and there you might find something of interest for you. From law and order to science, to medicine … you name it; if is not there then I shall write about it for you. Whatever it might be that you want to know; but first I shall satisfy your needs and thus making you free to choose that what you want. If you qualify, I shall help you in setting you free, by healing you from sickly desires, such as greed for example: rich is not the one who has and needs to have even more, but the one who gives and has ever more to give; and this is what I shall teach you. Here I am not asking anything from you, let alone money; I know that you need it now, every cent. I am offering you even more of it. You may find some of the stories very familiar; so here is the URL:

Hopefully you will like what is written and recommend this reading by forwarding this letter to other people. I shall feel sorry for you if you should feel disappointed and I would like to hear what you have to say about the stuff. I am keen to hear your comments; they are most welcome and shall be treated with respect they deserve, if you send them to:

Subscribe if you desire to be notified immediately upon posting each new essays; the essays will be posted just for a limited time and then archived. They will accessible on request, with a price tag, and latter edited and published in a different form. To subscribe for notifications, write to:

If you, as a recipient of this letter, are familiar or expert in the field of computer and/or internet technology, and are willing and able to devote some of your time I helping me in developing the web pages etc. As for now, all this work is done by me alone. If willing, please contact me at:

I would like my essays to be translated into as many languages as possible and therefore I invite everyone capable of translating, from English into their native language, to join me. A handsome reward is awaiting all those who show their willingness in helping me to promote Truth that is concealed in my essays. Translators, please contact:

And if there is anything else that you want to say to me, to share the secret treasures of your heart, I am waiting for you since time immemorial. Whenever you are ready I am there with an open heart and open mind. So, you brave men and women, write to me at:


Important: 1. Use not “reply” button, but one of the above-mentioned addresses indicated instead, citing the text or code in the subject line. 2. If you do not want hear from me again, just a friendly “block the sender” will do; I apologize if this letter caused you a trouble.

"Men occasionally stumble over the TRUTH, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened..."
- Winston Churchill