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30 August 2015

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I had to cut very many articles that I have made them into JPG in order to evade Google's spider to cut them out but I had to cut them out here in order to post some of the book. Later, if the time permits, I might to endeavour to make the rest, whatever is cut off to reassemble the Revision, R58; it is just as promo here anyway.
Beneath is the copy/paste of the mentioned revision.

HRVAT 28. VIII. 2015.

Including: Sovereign-2015: Change-1/58.

My angels, the human may forget things and people, but the God in him does not forget His angels; to Dylan and Tim; to Paul and Anna; to Anne, James and the rest.

To Linda & Hanuma

Truth is God

If is not God then it is not the truth; it is not really sacred, not Hrvat.

It makes powerless the powers that be

Pretty unpleasant it could be, whatever it could be that makes one powerless, be it an individual or a mighty authority; and that is literally everything that is not with God or from God where the power carries you by the will of God expressed by "God's Will"; whatever or whoever is out there on their own, must be powered by their own devices, and it is inappropriate to demand anything that is not theirs as the Truth for example. To say that we have to have some principles in place in order to coexist is just another bit of hypocrisy to be exploited, as the godly person and ungodly one do not make good mix to say the least; they are forced to coexist from the day one... until the one of them says "No!"; then the things are forced to clear up, to come to their rightful place. Those ungodly my try to force the Truth out of a godly person, and the person may be forced to deny the Truth, and by denying it he seem to deny God... but it is not how God looks upon, and the person is forgiven for this denial under the duress. But, as the much pain is inflicted in the process of extraction of the Truth (God), this pain heals outwardly, with the scars left at times, but inwardly deepening despite the burning desire for forgiveness; when the heart is hurt it can be forgotten, and usually is, but never forgiven... as the pain is still there in the realm of the Unconscious, in realm of God: in human power is only the realm of the Conscious, which is interfered by the power that be... and as long as there is any interference by authorities the human cannot be reconciled with God, i.e. wit himself. Therefore that power that authorities have usurped is the only cause for any revolt or any revolution... and since the authorities as the powers that may be try to kill the revolt they do it indiscriminately: like with the cancer were one is not sure if the patient dies from the cancer itself or from the cure, i.e. radiation and or chemicals.

Where the human power of either an individual or of the powers that may be is very limited, it is applied with great force that is at times far to much the body's capacity to bear; many die as a consequence. God's Will, on the other hand, comes from the person's heart and as such is unnoticeable most of the time; not only by person but by the person's environment, and that is the reason that God is always hidden... and indication that God wants it to be that way, hidden. All aspects of God and all His attributes must be kept private, and the Truth is one of them: the Truth is your personal and strictly private God, that others may not believe and even mock; even in court is the Truth very relative as is subject to belief of many, while personal Truth, as God. is not subject to belief but stems from trust; that is when all evaluations are already done. In court, however, the God is yet to be established, by an ungodly authority.

I am aware of the unpleasantness when I talk about matters that somebody would like to be swept under the carpet at any and all costs; even when the environment has no elegance to it, no carpet, just the oafs around. Only what is left to me is to talk openly without a force; this is usually when one talks with One's Will. It is not 1 February 2013 that marked the onslaught of hacking as I was under active surveillance of various authorities since long ago, probably since 1978. But not all episodes were totally banal, so that many I hardly remember; and as the Tito's Yugoslavia is now long dead and buried I will not spend too much time on those happen­ings here. This happened roughly 7 or 8 years back, in 2007 or 2008: I have arrived to Perth from Hong Kong, and was keen to get out from airport as soon as possible, as I was very sick at that time: I saw my suitcase through the opening where they are loaded onto the conveyor and was anticipating it any moment to show up; but no, it never came out. I had to fill in the form and the suitcase arrived at my door two days later, with cut lock; not that I was worried, just a bit angry. But, after my laptop was examined by the Australian authorities from 1 Feb. 2013 until 3 Feb 2013, their hackers have done pretty ugly things in quite open manner, obviously confident in their earthly might.

Another seemingly unrelated happening: Hanuma's son has done something inappropriate which caused me to curse his action. The other day Hanuma's mother informed us that somebody scratched his new car with either key or knife. Curse or no curse: as you did nasty things to me, you do them, maybe inadvertently, to the other people... and they for some reason or another do not waste their time and effort in godless courts, but rather do things in their own way that may not be liked by every one, but not everyone is affected anyway. This should be a lesson to Australian government: if you want to have good night sleep, then do the right thing by every of your citizens; otherwise people may scratch your car if you drive to close and maybe uninten­tionally hit the pothole splashing them... so drive carefully and slow down, especially in Swan... And, the most important is to avoid the American white settlers™ / explorers™.

(20150813.1) Sabotage in Tianjin Port Warehouse, Beijing, China killed 85 including 21 firemen and about 720 injured, many in serious condition. According to China Daily the first explosion in Tianjin Binhai New Area happened at 11:20 PM on 12 August 2015, followed by a number of explosions. The news say not much as they do not want to speculate; they look at the accident as an accident, one more in a row of many. The explosions happened in logistics department... and once all this is sorted out, one might be able to see that all these accidents have the same origin in the Freedom House in Washing­ton, USA... which is, of course, a private club of the federalist Masons that has nothing to do with the government of the USA or White House. The Twin Towers where sacrificed (if that is the right word) only that CIA and the Freedom House could declare the war on terror; thus, it looks, in China the "peaceful demon­strations", mentioned further down, which are perfectly under control have changed into more serious scenarios.

There is no doubt in author's mind that all governments in today's world are well aware of the activities of American Freedom House in training the "fifth columns"; regardless of their diplomatic disposition all governments are aware, but act differently. In China is the extremism of some Xinjiang people, i.e. revolu­tionary on the outside that would paint them as patriotic and as a freedom-fighting movement, whereas deep inside it is treacherous, as it subservient to American federalist Masonry and as such it is loathed by the most of Chinese people.

The revision R56 is finished but this what I am doing right now is an attempt to repair newly damaged parts. It will be more painful for the hackers than they have bargained for. As the last page of R57 is free, I have few more things to say.

No person is there that could fathom the evilness of those that are leading the reel, because they are always out of the trouble; there are others that go through utter hell in order to improve living conditions of ordinary lowlife pleb.

Two burning issues desired to be expressed loudly have prompted this Revision; otherwise the R51 is alright. One is about Linda; I have guarded Linda from taking, very pointy coffee spoon, that looks elegant and Linda fancied it and all the time reached for it... and I would remove it from her reach before she could grab it; I was afraid of her hurting her eye, believe or not, the right eye. When I was in Perth and Linda was in her mother's care, Linda got scorched the skin around her right eye. Once again I am very grateful to God for that miracle. Really, I am...

IT IS UNPLEASANT FELLING, to say the least, when a persons heart is not pristine, but in­stead when is contaminated; anger, disappointment, hatred... As Linda is still not here, I am very displeased and disappoint­ed. There are also happy times that God, enjoys; these rare oc­casions are when God is by a lucky chance by himself, as with humans around many disappointments or disasters lurk and are ready to knock one down, out of their happy mood. Men know this and therefore they strive, and work hard to be in the company of noble people on the path to become men, or even God, if they are ripe; as a real man or woman, they are aware that a human is predestined for a disaster if left in a prokaryotic and though original and pristine but uneducated state, or even worse if prokaryotic human (child) is brought up or educated by a fellow prokaryote that qualifies not for the status of man or woman. It is an emergency measure that the mankind is familiar with as it goes through such epochs "occasionally" time and time again, and is still in one and the same of them, stuck eternally since the time immemorial; hence the new term is coined "humankind" that completely re­placed the original mankind. That was the fall when most angels broke their wings. God has no friends, really, with whom He could communicate, talk, relax; thus He is mainly alone, even if He finds a soul that under­stands Him that person is likely to break down under pressure that surrounds real and indisputable Man; for every human, no mater how eukaryotic they may become in the process, the pressure of re-civilising is so overwhelming that could be termed as unbearable; thus it is to expect that a prokaryote, which is essentially every peasant, will fall back onto their original status in the times of emergency; thus a nation will seek refuge in a pre-national state in a de jure state, not in a de facto situation, without being aware of it, and without any cognitive knowledge of its actions or its aims; the very same happens to every single individual as a member of that nation; the whole world is in search for its image that in the Unknown, and so is God. There is nothing wrong with a prokaryotic being as we all have to be born first and go through the stages of childhood, but as all of those stages are learning stages for the human prokaryotes, it is plenty wrong to stuck in grade one. It is insult to the intelligence the humans are bestowed with, which they mistake knowledge or even for wisdom that comes to human only through a man in him or her. It is hard to serve God and the devil at the same time; there­fore people choose one oh the two, as it is only a half of the effort. You could conjure for yourself; I have done my conjuring and as one in the know I can tell you as I was between these two worlds myself: I was in the hell and in the heaven: fully conscious I have returned to hell to work for God, in order to deserve my place in heaven. I can clearly visualise the way that all of this misery that I am going through with these hackers employed by Australian government that they are solvable very easily with the reasonable computer and internet knowledge, and that bit of knowledge has every kid that is not too dumb; and my grandson claims that he is able to do so many things with computer and internet, and so claims his uncle, my son, but somehow I fail to notice it, which makes me sad, terribly sad. All that intelligence knows exist; it is not possible for it to reach into heart.

Sovereign-2015: Change-1/R58. Issue: 28 August 2015.

Some articles were not included in the public stuff for evaluation, as it is not necessary to search for any excuses: but I consider it as the gift of Ashram, and is to be delivered to the reader in Ashramic environment. It is this Issue that will grow beyond anybody's imagination; it is this forever growing Revision that will stand above all, showing clearly that even emperors from the most ancient times where mere game in the hands of their own ignorance. The long ago announced Golden Age that was to begin on 23 December 2012, has already begun, right on time when it was due, but it could not have a normal exposure due to working of the hack­ers of Australian government; it is not that they are after the stuff only abter 1 February 2013, when they got onto the laptop of this author, as they were after me long before that. Thus it is this Issue that will be not offered to broader public (Change-1/R30); as it is most likely that the public is not ready for it... and the stuff that is not understood, or that is not understood properly just offends, which was the cause of the fall of the angels in the first place. In that spirit, I would like to offer to the public the autobiography of the last emperor of China, AISIN GIORO PU YI: From the Emperor to the Citizen where everyone can clearly see for themselves that even emperors did not know what is going on and were oblivious of the higher life, let alone the pleb. This was already finished work, but had to be extended, and, as it seems, now is not likely to stop as the Ashram has open its doors; there are very intelligent people around and they lead those less intelligent ones, but one thing is escaping their attention: there is not a single thing that was really created, i.e. invented by intelligence, as the human intelligence, as the one of a man, is able to discover only what is already there. It discovers things by glimpsing into Ashram, into the heart where akashic records are kept, and this is only by God's mercy. The more humans run away from God the less is their intelligence of any use to them.

I had to extend the already what I thought is finished revision R30, as to correct two mistak­es on the first page, then I added a part to the end; then the reordering the whole book into a narrower font style I gained some space that I intend to put it in the good use as this is very vital part and very relevant to the subject that I would like to be included, and still be able to have this promo book in one piece, not in two or three parts. As for Internet, I am aware that it would be ideal to put it onto the Internet; but, since the opposition is so fierce, I decided that only a promotional parts should be there and the gist of the matter should be in the form of the printed matter, a book or brochure. If the text is on the web, the Google will read it and be able to sabotage it; therefore it must be in an image format, like JPG or GIF... and in text format would bi only rudimentary info in order to run the web but that does not reveal any info about the page. It is not even so complicated business... just that I am not able to do everything; my computers are malfunctioning and I cannot even get the software from Perth in email to fix it.

In this place was a text image that I placed around the paper in order to prevent sniffling by Google and other destructive para­sites. It was removed by some gadget; whichever person is behind this I wish from the deepest corner of my heart that this person is repaid by the Providence in most terrible manner. The images will left out; they will be replaced with notices like this one. It is a great pity that young people are so "taken over" by the parasites like Windows, Microsoft, Google and alike. In the beginning people were excited by the modern technology approaching, but it turned into just another set of parasites. 11,627 years ago one similar bunch has been annihilated thanks to Lono, but soon they spread the moment is one that looks like an insignificant growth left unattended. It is terrible...

Yesterday late at night I finished this promo paper to my satisfaction, and yours, as I certainly hope to be the case; being aware that not all may be satisfied with the contents of it, I offer it to those man and women who do like it and find it appealing to collaborate in producing next issues that may ensue; it is a call for collaboration. As you can see, this particular revision has no price on the cover, but, even though the paper is priceless, it has its market value that I leave to you, my friend, to decide as you know the best what people on the field can afford to pay in a form of sacrifice that does not hurt too greatly as humans too have their obligations and life if often hard for them. In Australia, for example, this book is priced AU$100 (whole book); as not everywhere is the same situation, the price will differ. These instructions were valid for the Tripartite revision (R28), and still is valid just a bit irrelevant; you can still print it in parts, or as a whole, and sell it as a promotional stuff; it is important that you know what you are doing. The book will be set so that is possible to print it in parts; one thing must be strongly emphasised and this is that every promo is just that what it says. For latest revision of any of my work you must contact editor and you shall receive most recent revision; as a registered with editorial office, you will be asked to proof-read every further revision and alert edit­or to spelling or grammar errors.

As described somewhere in the text, you determine the price and reprint as many copies as you find fit from the PDF on CD, which is included with the book; when you sell it. A half of it, 50% of the net-sold money send to LIAO Hongjiu via Western Union; particulars are supplied. For this promo copy this is your licence to act as seller, pedlar. You see, I am confident that you will not cheat me; and you will be too as you continue reading and come to the end of the book. To register with us for future cooperation, contact the editor, please. This promo copy comes with CD; if CD is not included, for some reason or another, contact editor. I save for those that are really dear to me and every further revision after this one. I made another revision after R34 (and this now is R45 redone), but it was ridden with spelling, grammar and all sorts other mistakes and still is as the hackers are relentless, as it was made with word processor has just about nothing, so that now I regret that I have sent off all those copies to the world R34. Just discovered: it was the hackers software that made word processor malfunction again; and I already thought that it is all over.

All Revisions attract donations only as indicated; they are given (or sold) to you for evalua­tion purposes and remain property of HRVAT Pty Ltd. By redistributing of the paper, you are helping to widen the circle of evaluators; thus you are encouraged to do so. This paper can be resold or redistributed under condition that no changes in text a made; if resold then 50% of the selling price or donations should be paid into account of the editor or HRVAT Pty Ltd – supplied with the CD. This paper was suppressed since the time immemorial; it was ways appearing as an underground publication of a sort of, produced and circulated by risen angels of Hrvat, by those rather unknown individuals that were taken for dead.

21/6/2015. Last night I had a wonderful dream with the whole concept on the subject: prokaryote eukaryote developed as clear as the day; all has vanished but it will come back. I am still too sick to be able to attack this as it is an Ashram subject anyway; plenty of mundane stuff crept in in the meanwhile that should be addressed. We may not need to wait for too long for the scientific wonder to happen; it is on its way, just round the corner. It is not everybody's stuff and I am well aware of this; it is for those honest and brave heroes and heroines among us who dare: are you one of them?

Before I ended up in Hospital, due to some nasty virus, 16/6/2015, Frank was here as his flight back to Germany was on 15/6/2015 and came here to say good bye; he said that he is going to send me a card.

What follows is a real gem: Angela Merkel wants the Greece in the Euro-zone, not necessari­ly Greeks: Cyprus, a financial and business centre. Some are keen to stay in European Union, as seen on TV; confusing stuff for Greeks, and for the rest. Unlike an Australian businessman who is prepared to pay for your business, Merkel wants the Greek pensioners to pay for their "business", as well as for her and they do, as their pension was cut 40%, which is just the tip of the iceberg and IMF is pressing for more. Today in London we see parade of the UK pensioners; Cameroon did not say anything about this before, in his election campaign a month ago, except that there will be referendum; I doubt.

All of the members will be squeezed out to the last drop of life by European Union; this is the sole purpose of the Euro Zone, which started in a grand style as a "union"; by now it is clear that it is there to serve Ahriman, i.e. American-led NATO, Israel, IMF and other leeches, but not a single European nation, but rather it eats Europe from within What is actually so worth in this parcel that is offered to European nations: is it security? A glimmer of hope was there in many of us nationalist, but soon some of us sober up and realised that the same modus operandi is at work and that the same federalist Masonic clique is at work, that ruined Europe not so long ago with Europe surrendering painfully on 8 May 1945, which will be mentioned in finer detail in some other of my writs...

22/6/2015, another gem on CCTV-13, at 12:33: Ukraine-style paid public stunts by Freedom House1 (Soros & Co.) dis­covered in China. This, clearly subversive and bullet deserv­ing operation is here presented as one that benefits community, but as the fraudulent and sub­versive intentions were uncovered, the main organisers try to play greedy business venture earning them massive profits:2 roughly US$ 700,000 per stunt + 500 RMB a day for each participant that was there holding a sign. This "simple protest or demonstration" was ridden with subversive intentions, as all of those punk invention of the Freedom House are. In the Ukraine was the same scenario, and later it included the rise in payments for those who are as­signed to throwing stones onto the police. Ukraine is today cursed with wars because of that usurpation, thanks to the USA and their Freedom House. The police have all necessary con­fessions recorded: all participants are fully aware that they were misled and they are sorry for their wrongdoings, and lucky as there is much bigger fish to be caught.

Agencies involved in this and other acts of subversiveness, be they from the USA or China, know exactly what is going on; except for the small participants that will feel lucky as being spared the bullet, both gov­ernments, namely of China and of the USA know what is cooking, just all of them is looking at the matter from a different angle; therefore, it is quite imaginable that the clique around the Freedom House, like Soros, Rockefeller & co and/or even each different member of it, have become self-sufficient, have their own private, independent secret services and their own, have quite different political aims and agenda and they do not neces­sarily rely on Ahriman's Pentecostal resources. Government of the USA is acting through its agencies for a long time now, as it is unable to handle the whole business alone; thus the power is shared accordingly. Idea that Ahriman bestowed onto his white settlersand their followers and allies is, as any other idea a thought-form as the imaginary worlds that are in the hidden realms of the lower world beings, which in turn materialise tulpas; as being in the realm of pure intelligence, thought-forms are of elusive nature: they must not be mixes with vision that comes from the heart, from the Unconscious i.e. from God that in certain cases of mental derangement it may mean a false vision of the thought-form, i.e. a tulpa. Truth (gnosis) can be prompted by intelligence or mind but it cannot be cre­ated by intelligent mind, as it comes from the regions that are unexplored bu conscious mind, explorers™ or white settlers™.

This epoch indicates the darkest age in the history of both mankind and humankind; thus the man is quiet­ly waiting in the underground with his gnosis, while the tulpas are rampantly running amok, and all these overzealous followers of any ideology or religion gradually turn into punks or tulpas. The manners they gradu­ally learn have no connection with God, nor they are based in unchangeable gnosis; they are materialised illusionary thoughts extracted from the ideology, as its source in a thought-form. Real gnosis and the real wisdom is a forbidden knowledge as it is synthesis of the low and high in which the thought is finding its aim in the vision of gnosis, which prevents it to become a punk or tulpa and run aim­lessly, the real vision, not imagination, and that vision was intentionally blurred; today it is blurred more than ever before. Everything imaginative speculative; that is uncertain treacherous and highly perilous is promoted today's epoch with its linear-only, artificial and perilous future. At the end of this revision I shall explain more closely relationship between a person and his word. As the Word and Man got lost, the human is entering his darkest age.

As being a human one has to become an artisan; that is he or she must become engaged in the real art. It seems to be in the realm of possible, which has to be yet proven: this is the art of annihilation of the prokar­yotic human in the body of the Man. And enable the full and dignified life of God to be re-established in the body of a new person, a eukaryote. A hint: as long one has any expectations of a prokaryotic human, that per­son is not ready to learn the Art. Change applies to revisions; growing with each of them giving each a differ­ent Akh of life out there. But the Original is constant, often not understood or is misunderstood; thus, no matter how many times I do go over the subject, as being not constant, it is very likely to be misunderstood. It is so for the reason of being channelled, recorded and processed at one time, and promptly forgotten or partly forgotten; later it was edited in different context, which caused obfuscation of the original – which is still there in the Unconscious, as always. It will be also re­corded in books or on CD or other electronic media, and can be obtained only by personally meeting TAO-HU/Bruno HRUST. Pilgrims would venture a long and arduous journey to my Dom in the old days; successful ones where blessed. The hacker could not know the real know of the hacked; when he did know was to late, as Lono was doing his bit; the hacked was terrorised for as long as it needed to gather beyond doubt info about the identity of computer and the whereabouts of the hacker.

Elegance: the Akh of a Man & a Woman (R26)

"The shoe is of Vienna style, but it is on the foot of a peasant".

That foot, being a prokaryotic, peasant and rogue, is unable to change; it hurts, but loo, it hurts the others too, it is not just deforming the beautiful and stylish shoe; blisters pile up that and turn into nasty calluses just to counteract the hurt of a peasant foot that is numb, all over the body and a soul and in the scull. Some would consider them as stubborn and various acts of evilness are very common occurrence; to civilise them is hard thus civilised people avoid them. They usually settle close to the civilisation and are used as the lowest of the low work force, but to really rely on them is to be a looser in the game as they are vindictive and most primi­tive; Varaždin was the capitol city of Croatia, with its cemetery, the most elegant in Europe at the time. It was set on fire in 1776 that burned to the ground more than half of the city and the Capitol was moved to Zagreb; it was done buy prokaryotes, unmoved by the National; the pleb was always suffering under God and the National; it is that "most terrible suffering" that made him stuck. To an elegant city arrived that foot on foot, and there it was, the rather punk shoes that seem just right for the peasant foot and elegant too; too elegant to suit the peasant foot, too good to be true. Did the shoe realised that does not fit? Maybe yes, maybe no; it is too clumsy and too rough, but the foot claimed to be otherwise clean of any other shoe, thus it demanded to be and it is, as nasty as could be, but included. And the shoe is now as obedient as it could be; and it sees wherever it can not to hurt, but to be hurt-less.

Akh-Bah, Akh-Bah...

Style and elegance attracts the Akh, which will complete a human, thus making Man, Woman. # An ordinary human will brush of the Elegance, and will resume its oafish attitude, no doubt... # But you are the one, one of those among many that appear just as an ordinary human, but... # Elegance makes you not different from others, as in the mob you look the same and equal... # But when one looks from the distance one can clearly distinguish that man among humans... # Light gone, oafishness bloats in its sacred spot; in the vastness of Bah... as a trace of that Akh. # Angels though sinners, belong to Light, to Akh; and in lower world the light of Akh shines not. # The quivering Akh hid among Bah; light hides. In dark of Bah the way to Akh cannot be seen. # Light at the end of the tunnel is that Akh I see, as hope in the darkness of Bah, glows for me. # Afraid in darkness of lower world of the Bah, Light is lost and sun could not make one see... # As the science without understanding is rough; and it is cruel way left to human without Akh. # Akh is the understanding that the Light brings; as it comes from the gnosis with the Truth in it. # Truth is that Light I refer, when I think of God: Akh, the invisible Light, Bah, in the deep dark. # To God the Akh belongs, within injured hearts; of a man estranged, cut asunder from his God. My angels, rise up and return to Akh.

Change should have an appeal to every honest person; even to an honest crook.

What the future holds?

It contains a Sovereign Book (Change) and a Sovereign Cover (VII.); Elegance shows you how those “fallen angels” are discerned from the rest of the fallen world of today, and they will be taken back eventually, to the arms of the invisible Akh... as materially minded humans will stick to the material “light”, which they can see with their scientific, material eyes, and this despite the writings on the wall, as the scientific Man does not want them and making the life very awkward for them; it simply means that some humans will survive, as being with angels and God they will have purpose of life while those humans in the camp of scientific Man are doomed, as in view that they are already considered as “useless eaters” and the scientific Man has already technology in place where the human robots can be created that are more efficient, more reliable. They are without personality and personal problems or traumas; with no change in physical appearance. It contains elegance at its best. [Remember that in the spy game there is at risk the very life of the spy; and rightly so. They reap exactly what they saw; if their master is evil they reap evil, if they are god, i.e. of God and of the National, they are rewarded accordingly... as God would reward every noble and honest one.]

Scientific Man is in American camp that is Pentecostal and evil; it is different sort of man, it is Rudolf Steiner's Ahriman and is not that Gnostic man that I am referring to. I am talking about Akh, as the sacred Light from within; about the person that though may be a fallen one in this fallen world, is a sacred one to the begin with – as only from within a sacred body comes a sacred Light, the Akh. In fact though the Americans qualified to join me in the Project Uran, it has to be stressed that American government does not, as long it serves the Ahriman's evil – and the same goes any other person or government. [It is your responsibility to know exactly, whom you executing the job for...]

To begin with, no person or government can experience happiness if dealing with warmong­ers and med­dlers in other peoples' affairs, so we have to endeavour in bringing America down to its right place; all super organisations have to be dismantled; trade has to be based on gold and bartering and has to be done directly between two parties without inter­mediaries that involves usury, as the banks, too, must fall within national or state boundaries. Here I recall an old adage that those who sew the pumpkins with the devil their heads are used in breaking the pumpkins. So, be careful. [There is no mercy for spies, especially not for cyber spies.]

It is easier said than done, I can understand this, as I am in the same situation; all situations are de facto and, as such, they are so trivial and temporal as one business is not even finished, and how it could be if it has not been attended to... and the other is begging for attention. Alas, so many loose ends and unfinished busi­nesses, practically with every one let have a drink, mate or a con, before the world comes to an end. In fact I mean so, especially today: here is such a humidity that the carpet slipped under my feet early in the morning and I twisted my leg and hurt my knee; later in the day the printer started malfunction, jamming the paper every time, probably the paper is too wet. I am using 70 g/m² paper and have been anticipating monsoonal weather, and timely ordered just one ream 80 g/m² paper, but succumbed to the reality that I have to put up without as my pension my not be coming, which is true, so I have to be now without those things. It is terrible; I am sure that you agree. Even if you do not agree, it is still terrible. I know, you agree this time. And it makes me so happy. Ask your local news agent to order this material, and put it for sale at $50; it will sell like a hot cake. I know it from the first hand as I have experience and have heard a young lady screaming across a street in Zagreb, when I was selling the stuff my-self, when I was in Croatia, 1991: “Dad buy this, it is superb!” It was really nice to hear this then, 24 years ago; I was in heaven, and I am in heaven now. Whenever I work on the Project Uran, I am in heaven. What you think about that stuff of 24 years ago in comparison with this one? There is really no comparison of any of the stuff that I write, with any other stuff as all of the human creation is in the sphere of super-existence; as the stuff that is offered here is in supra-existence there is no criterion to compare them. Even two different works that I write are unique and on their own. I do not claim them as my own; they come from Uran, from Hrvat. Become a member of the Party of the National.

When I was roughly 8 or 9 years old, I was spending my school vacations with my mother and her new family in Djakovo, Slavonia. One day my uncle, Vince, was beating and whipping the mare, Fanny, most savagely that the mare was crying. I have begged him to stop, and he snapped at me: "Shut up, you do not know animals; I spent all my life with them and know what they need". My uncle was a peasant and was in a direct contact, with animals... [Additions in square brackets, like this one, are put in revision R56.]

The mare knew it too, and although being of a different kind of animal she knew exactly at which spot she displeased him; though she was grateful for my trying to save her, she really did not expect any real outcome of that as she knew what was going on better than I did. In order to be bestowed by real power that does not corrupt, one has to acquire the real attitude that come with the elegance; do not get me wrong, not the one is expression, but rather that one that is hidden, where the other point to its invisibility is where everyone knows without a visible signs and everyone is really scared and paranoid because of its realness. When I say that I am determined to make the world clean of evilness that take expression, then those who are really in the know of what I am saying, are really scared; whereas all the rest of the hypocrites will not even notice that a change is in place. [On the state-level, the spies are handled as a business; they are already a kind of One World, federalist Masonic. Privately, as national Masonry or Mafia it is handled differently, in most educative manner that some find as awful; it old-fashioned of course, that causes real nightmare to real crooks.]

5 June 2015: I am back at home; in Abode-NN I feel at peace. Hanuma came out of hospital just in time to collect me from airport. Linda is not here; she is with her maternal grandparents, to may great sorrow. She was taken there when Hanuma was taken to hospital: an oaf­ish person can and is liable to behave only oafishly and cause extreme disasters; Hanuma still did not learn that a country girl is always a country girl and some will never learn the manners. Will I ever have my dear Linda again? Planning in this oafish environment is futile; it brought me so many disappointments: either it was me or the others; one ought to plan life matters with the real people. One has to create first the real elements of life, adoring them with elegance, and play or plan with them. [Be honest at all times; do not engage in activities that are beyond dignity of a man. By doing right thing at all time, you will maintain optimum health as you will have good sleep.]

Please bear in mind that although the author has the concept of the whole in his heart, i.e. in the realm of the Unconscious, the mind can process only as much at one time as it takes for one revision; as a narrative of eternal God the story befits its hero, Uran. From the ashes of Nietzsche's dead God comes a new One.

When one hopes that the hackers have stopped there comes another attack; well, the human in me will have plenty of entertainment when we gather some of what we have not right now and the hackers will dragged out of the mouse-holes. [Spaying is the lowest of low; the Ahriman needs it and has introduce it.]

The Change

It all depends of the "material" the person or any other element of life is made of thus it is very simple scientific formula to be worked out, available even to those who never had anything to do with the science and school; but for those total peasants that have stuck in a fixed modality of the lowest of low is every progress. It is just another waste of time and effort, as they participate in life in their initial capacity: as the basic humans on the level of animals, as a work-force.

The next level for a progressive peasant that is keen to leave the animal level and join the progressive human club, is either in endeavouring to advance his environment in the country, by his being the unbreakable connection with the city or to try hard in learning the manners for the city-living and to act as a represent­ative of his environment of the village, without bringing his or her village to the city... by bearing in mind their origin.

This is the hardest part; as the peasant usually cannot see the difference in anything, thus his or her tendency is to bring those two vastly different areas together thus many cities have become greater villages of multicultural kind, da­maging or hindering the process of transformation of a prokaryotic element into a eukaryote, which is the material for a sovereign as a pillar of a nation, i.e. the educating the national element, of which the higher level of education is meant to take place in the city, not in the villages. Regardless of being a creature of God, a prokaryote is to be further modelled into a eukaryote, to become a real man and sovereign, a task that God has left to man in order to prove himself as worthy of God. Prokaryote is in a realm of pre-national existence, but, as very close to a eukaryote the crafty ones could pass as eukaryotes to an uneducated eye in a constantly changing or a developing society; as such he or she stuck and as prokaryotes and a punks, at the lowest life of the low, they are unable of being to service to God or the National and will be at the disservice to their nations, but in high demand for the service of the Ahriman's Masonic and anti-national ser­vices. [No police can save you or protect you as a wrongdoer; doing always the right thing is your key to safe life.]

Today's governments never pay any attention to that issue, thus the problem is growing by the day. A several genera­tions lives in the city for hundreds of years, and, all of the sudden, if being analysed, they found that they lack city man­ners, wisdom and that their patriotism is a mere consumerism. It has tremendous effect on the National, as the city has become a murky pond where all sort of dirty stuff coexists; a spy hive. As citizens they are all equalled by the verdict of the human-made law and their ground is shaky: they are neither citizen nor they are villagers as nobodies they can be made into punks as antipode of the National; federalist Masonic ideologies and fake nationalisms thrive in such an environ­ment. [This paper will tell you about things that you are not supposed to know; it is now up to you to pay hid to it or not.]

1 In this book, as well as in all of my books on this particular subject, white settlers, explorers™ are members of Ahriman's plundering team; most of those persons are materialised thought-forms or tulpas, as they really do not have awareness, just intelligence that quantitatively varies from very limited to unlimited. Important: distinguish tulpas from the fallen angels; fallen angels lack intelligence, but, are bestowed with gnosis, which they cannot express through the thought. The Washington based Freedom House and its Masonic members are typical exponent of white settlers™ / explorers™ where the "students" that come out as punk revolutionaries and future leaders are mere tulpas. Those spiritual séances of the Masonic activities, with which Masons try to impress their new or prospective members, are in creating of the tulpas. Tulpa is a “thought form”.

2 America has hit the wall several times with financing punk revolutions all over the world; of course, is private affair of the Freedom House, not the USA. But, military industrial complex and all the spending on the punk revolution is from the same kitty. If someone puts the silent undercurrent revolution that is going on in China under the magnifying glass it should show very clearly that the Freedom House feeds its future vassals; these individuals are behind the scenes, and they are not even direct offspring of AISSIN GIORO Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. Those individuals aspire to knock down the Communist Party of China, and ascend the throne with the help of America.