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If one thinks of Australia or any "civilized" (colonized) country in the world, where in a racially mixed society the National is, for whatever reason, either laying low or is non-existent and, on the other hand, the Tribal is still alive and kicking, but suppressed by the Civil (as a surrogate for the National), then scenes similar to that might seen in abundance. And they are here every day, but are suppressed too. On Monday, 22 March 2010, Chanel 7 broke the pattern of silence and now is to await the hell to break loose, because they have reported something that is true, but too ugly all the same. I am sure that our TV is itching to report something beautiful from that corner of the world, but they are simply unlucky. They mentioned the racial background of the "unfortunate boys" ... and that is that, that some will not like. But all the same, it is right that the medal comes to those who earn them.
Two boys, as Seven News at 6 reports on Monday, 22 March 2010, one about 17 years old and the other was very young, about 12 to 14 (just learner, presumably, with the "L" plate lost somewhere on the way to the scene), attacked an old man (65) in Nollamara, a very sick man dying of cancer, who have only six months left. They robbed the man not only of his valet, but of his trousers as well; it would take them too long to extract the valet, and they did not have time. In a civil society like ours everybody seems to be too busy. Who knows, robberies these days are usual events that one wonders if they part of a contract; such a hurry ... Where did you learn your trade, boys? It is a bit off, because the sick man has no time for such jokes; and it is even more so, if we know that we are not allowed to defend ourselves from those who tend not understand us, either on cultural grounds, racial, humanitarian ... If we fail to give them two dollars (now has risen to five dollars, as everything else did), then we are to expect to be called "racists", which they will not forget to give you a lesson about "your attitude".
We shall refrain from commenting any deeper than that, but instead will link you with the sites where you can find more on the subject; it is not the individual's that much who has not neither developed any feeling nor gained any knowledge, responsible for the rebellious attitude that has formed in him or her. If an individual has not had a chance to come in contact with others that are true carriers of the National, then that individual is not able to have any sort of attitude towards it; and the Tribal on the other hand has escaped them. As the National becomes through the process of transmutation of the Tribal, it is unreasonable even to think that the Australian aborigines would have a chance to adopt a proper attitude towards the National ... let alone towards the Civil, as a surrogate for the National, which is below the expectation of Man, a state to which every human being worth a right attitude aspires.
As we know, the intelligence is treacherous even with good intentions, and knowledge comes to human being only in the right conditions; when on drugs, it comes very late in the life, after the drugs are stopped being used. Bearing in mind the whole situation it is not surprising that what we are witnessing these days; more so, because it is not likely to hit the court since the "offenders are too young" (and the rebellion is too deep-rooted). One wonders what Centrelink would have to say about their "customers"; even if they declare their earnings to Centrelink.
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Even though we take it with a smile, we are far from laughing about the cause of the incident. Incident may cause us laugh as a sad joke, but the cause of it is much more worrying to us who are looking at the whole life of our society from much different angle. It is clear to us that the people who are in charge for our wellbeing know little or nothing about the vital matters that keeps a society alive and healthy; to them is important to get into the power at any and every cost, the attitude that is very dangerous. To say “sorry” after disaster is polite, but it is still an excuse for the crime. They fear deep discussions because those discussions would make them aware of the need to do something about their shortcomings. And one cannot build any reasonable future with leeches and parasites around. It is not the white people, as a different race per se, that the tribal people are rebelling; no, it is the ignorance that the white people display while trying to tame them, and that is what irks them. I know that, because it irks me as well, seeing it in the Centrelink’s attitude towards my person. Sapiens sat.
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010.

The saga continues.

That was yesterday; today it came to my hand The Subiaco Post, March 20, 2010 (Vol 37 No. 12) and the front page is decorated with the picture of an escapee, another 22-year old fun-seeker that brought the Perth’s police and Tactical Response Group (TRG) into action. There was big heading “Swanbourne under siege”. It is the same man that we saw last week on TV Chanel 7, live; looks as the drama continues. The Subiaco Post is a local paper, which has in the past brought to their readers many useful items in a quiet way; those who have eyes will see. Most of the items the too insignificant for the main media in Western Australia, which is The West Australian, the only one paper in Western Australia today, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Some thirty years ago, there were few other papers in Perth, like Daily News, Independent, to mention just a few, and those paper had to go in order that the public opinion could be shaped.

They, Rupert Murdoch and Co. (short name is “establishment”), did succeed in shaping the public opinion in a way where majority of the people has become apathetic; when the things reach this point, as they have these days, then it is obvious to everyone that the natural forces of cohesion within a society, which are there at work in accordance with the intelligence of an individual that is instilling itself into the bonding material of a society (as love for example), are too weak to have desired effect. Love is transitional in itself, and it is for this power that a transformation of a being or society is possible. It is because of these natural ingredients within that have decisive power to affect either an individual or society to progress to the higher stage of existence, not a decree of any sort can do it; laws based on power will be always subject to violations, but not those based in justice. And these laws that are based on justice come from within.

Real progress of a person or people is based on natural progress of their consciousness, because only then their intelligence can be kept in check; from within and by them, without involving very costly law-enforcement agencies. If the people in power are not able to display the real love (except in a way of a lip-service), the transformation of society will not occur in reality, but just as a farce; neither will tribal individual experience that love to take him to higher state of consciousness, nor will those that have progressed higher to the level of nation at some stage, be able to progress any further, but instead will tend to fall into regression. It is a matter of lie and Truth; love transcends all boundaries, because it originates in Truth, whereas a lie is short-living. It is obvious that the feeling of belonging to each other has gone; and this is only because it is not possible to belong and not to belong at the same time.

Centrelink, as the key organization as the cause our plight, is having a special agenda of establishment, as Rupert Murdoch and the rest of that company. Therefore, the whole of the business has to be reorganized and all plundered assets returned to their rightful owners, to the nation and to the individuals. Those of personal kind are the moneys that Centrelink misappropriated from their “customers”, and must be returned immediately; like the portion of pension payments of falsely accused pensioners, enforced without a court decision (as, for example, from the customer CRN 603-026-910H and many other individuals). After that reorganization of the whole society is necessary and all assets that in the past have been sold out to private hands have to be nationalized; railways and all that was national, Commonwealth Bank and other national enterprises, like post and telephone, for example, must find their way back to our nation.

When the initial steps in that direction are made, then people will see that the Truth is at work and that politicians mean business; and people will regain national posture and the spirit of the National will start to work from within. When this happen, politicians will see how easy is to govern the country, because everybody will be involved in the governing of themselves; this is the point of natural forces from within will transform our society to the higher level of conscience and give it the power of keeping its own intelligence in check. This is not an option; since there is no alternative solution for our society, this is an imperative. If the politicians of today misinterpret these words, or bid for more time, the situation will worsen and vermin will grow out of control, causing them to take unnecessarily much harsher measures as it usually happens. Europe was in the same agony, which compelled her to terrible actions 80 -100 ago. Europe is an old civilization that is experiencing the same dilemma more than once in its lifetime; in early years of the twentieth century it has to make a drastic clean-up of vermin that was there taking a firm grip on its body since the French revolution. Germans and French where arch enemies for centuries, but when Hitler visited France, to rectify that shameful “agreement” signed after conclusion of the First War, he was well received by the population of Paris, as the film footage shows us; not as a German who invaded France, because they hated Germans, but as a liberator and a deliverer, who promised to clean up the Europe of all vermin and undesirables, regardless of their religious or political convictions or background. There are authentic paintings of the faces of those who took over the nation in France, made by great artists; one is invited to study those paintings and see what the vermin looks like. It is frightening experience to look at any of those creatures; just plain low-life and retards. If we consider the sophistication of the make-up industry of today, however, one wonders if there is any real difference in power holders of today from those who usurped power in France at the close of eighteenth century; today they use persuasion technique, lies, and at those times they used the evil power.

Just look at the Europe now, once again, and se how she struggles to survive as non-national entity; it is anything but good. And the rest is none the better. Europe has still that national spirit within, as any other living creature has it. Australia has it too, and that is the same spirit that has mutated from the tribal spirit in a normal and natural way. It is that spirit that unites the tribal and national, and all in between in an everlasting hope of peaceful coexistence. Many are trying to kill the spirit, because under long periods of drug and/or alcohol abuse, they have alienated themselves from their ovr aspirations and hope to ever attain their own Self.

Now we shall see something that would puzzle even some greatest of the artists; we could just look at the personages around the guillotine and will emerge the picture of today. Yesterday, as it was reported on TV, Perth was hit by a hail storm of such a magnitude that has no precedence in history. The damage done by ice (some bigger than a man’s fist) and flooding runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. It was simply unbelievable; but even more so is this that follows. Since, the water was quickly filling all low grounds, some people have taken their cars from garages and parked them on the streets; in the underground garage their cars would become useless, and they needed to collect their kids from school etc. But, when they came to their cars, in between two terrible storms, the infringement notice was on their cars. Those poor people did not know if they should laugh or cry; but in their eyes it must be a total moron who, in times of national distress, has time to go around sticking the infringement notices on the cars. Everyone knows that public servants and parking inspectors etc. are people that are connected with the establishment; unless they are not total morons, they would have reached at least “second degree”, and the higher rang on Masonic ladder one has the more cushy position he or she occupies. In the case of that parking inspector, one really does wonder where Australia is heading. As for Centrelink, it is very depressing place even from the outside; from inside is really indescribable.

Think about.