Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG (American International Group)

Here is a bit of news: “Yahoo, 20 March 2009, which I shall comment and comment only, reserving my own opinion. Again, I am neither justifying the action nor condemning it! I am not going to elaborate the matter in fine detail, because it would be letting the cat out of the bag, i.e. revealing a modus operandi that is regarded top secret revealed to the most eminent people only. However, I do organize seminars where selected people can learn the intrinsic working of the mechanisms.

WASHINGTON – Denouncing a "squandering of the people's money," lawmakers voted decisively Thursday to impose a 90 percent tax on millions of dollars in employee bonuses paid by troubled insurance giant AIG and other bailed-out companies. The House vote was 328-93. Similar legislation has been introduced in the Senate and President Barack Obama quickly signaled general support for the concept.

And so on, the news item is full of praise for the action of the Senate. They made me really laugh, simply because they do not know what they actually did. I am pretty sure that some of the lawmakers in the Senate of the United States of America know exactly where their country did come to, due to laws that were gradually introduced into their society and cannot be changed over night, i.e. that by mixing the national and corporate principles on de facto basis, their lawful basis has been undermined and rendered not only obsolete, but invalid, i.e. illegal. Everybody knows that US is ruled by corporations, not by people; what they do not know is, by whom exactly, who rules these corporations. The paper takes everything and there are many who would not mind to sign a piece of paper and become CEO or company director.

If a company would show any of its real business to outsiders, including government of the country or the lawmakers or anyone else … than that company would be acting in a childish manner and regarded as kindergarten rather than the company; it would never reach adulthood and become big, let alone so big that is unable to fall. AIG was certainly not one of those kindergarten companies that anybody, including government of USA can check or control; it was bigger than the US government could manage or put checks on it. When AIG got into trouble, it was actually USA that found itself in trouble; AIG did not beg for assistance, but that was US government that rushed in to help, realizing that US is at stake. By imposing this punishment tax of 90% to AIG employees’ bonuses, the US government have actually shot their own leg, because, if for no other purpose, just to be consistent, everyone in the USA should be now taxed 90%; but there is more to it.

All US corporations, involved in the world wide plunder, had been doing the business for the United Stated of America and under physical protection of the USA; and the scope of the business is unthinkable for an ordinary mortal. AIG was destined to come into the hot water earlier or later, and for that reason AIG employed the top brains to work out strategies to finish the whole operation, and for that reason are those people being paid, not for some ordinary business, but to work out schemes that will also get them out of the hot water as well. Now, they are being betrayed and will not be inclined to work further on the scheme to bail the USA out of the mess (unless the government makes or has made secret arrangements with them); maybe US government has different agenda with drugs in Afghanistan, one cannot know for sure.

Bruno HRUST.

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