Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Profile of Bruno HRUST.

One can easily predict that I put in front of elusive public, an equally elusive name, as my pen name, for this purpose, but, of course, those who know me better know more than just that. Those that are close to me, they know very well that I am a 65-year-old Australian pensioner entrenched in a long fight for his rights, and for the rights of the other fellow citizens in Australia, whose pension is frequently being cut off; maybe because of my activities that some do not like. The govern¬ment is deducting a huge portion of my meagre pension, thus keeping me far below the poverty line for very long time; well, they did not break my spirit yet. Learn how Centrelink treats pen¬sioners in Australia at By trying so hard, they have to come “down”, to us, pensioners, one way or another. If any¬body feels inclined to help me in whichever way, he or she can do that through my sponsor, HRVAT Pty. Ltd. Here is not enough space for the profile, so it shall be included into the main body, which reader can find archived under the date of: Thursday, 18 March 2010, titled “Profile of Bruno HRUST.”

I am eternally in quest for Truth, simply because the Truth wants to find me; it is the Truth itself that wants to be eternally re-discovered. I have discover¬ed it long ago, but she always keeps escaping into some other dimension; so I really cannot say that I am totally happy with my findings. Therefore, as the Truth my wear many different masks, so do I, as its hunter, wear dif¬fer¬ent guises in my quest; and, when I happen to stumble upon one aspect of it, I know, in the hearts of my heart, that it is my sacred duty to wrap it tightly and mask it in the way that warrants our love and respect for it. It is for that reason only, that my writings are scattered all over different web and printed pages, where they slightly differ in contents and languages in which they are expressed; one and the same article my appear in three or more places, and in each of these places will have contents added, to suit that particular article that is not in other articles. So, it is written, but understood only by those in the know what to search for and how to interpret it. The Truth is easy to find but not so easy to discern, though.

One has his dream-tree for ages where he dreamt healthy dreams inspired by Mother Nature; and that was his dream and his Truth. Then, all of the sud¬den, the tree is cut down and on its place a garage is built; now a roaring nightmare is chasing the whole neighbour hood in a dramatic pursuit of a dreamer. When they got him he escapes, like a jellyfish, and the night¬mare, that the community got accustomed to, continues; and dreaming too, but... not as before any more when dreams were inspired by higher beings. A kind of show was on “Ten”, morning news item (18/3/2010), as a-day-after-event contribution to St. Patrick Day, 2010. Well, here we have no space left for comment on that subject; all my real thoughts a reserved for my dearest ones that are close to me and away from public. Our personal truths mean more to us than the rest, thus, they must be separated from the rest; our Truth is so unique in itself that it cannot be told without a risk of committing a crime of treason. In that sense, the ultimate truth is always betrayed, not told. By revealing the Truth, the person is therefore betraying or selling his or her own self for ideals that are above person or for material things that were below the person.

Ahriman welcomes all those who are ready and willing of selling their truths to him; he has instilled the material thought into low human beings and his (material) thought is infecting the higher strata of the lower ranks, where those disillusioned and aimless meet. Ahriman made them to cut your sacred tree down under the pretext of progress; and they have used it for the garage. All this will be clearly shown to reader on the pages of my blogs. I know the identity of Ahriman, his aim and his modus operandi as well; and I am in position to fight him with the prospect of winning. And I do fight him and winning the battles all the time; when I complain then there is a reason for doing that, which Ahriman knows too and is terribly unhappy about. I am not asking the public anything, because, by doing that I would shoot my own foot; I am after individual, whom I might find in the public, of whom I shall create a hero. Remember that only those who grove into men and advance to become real, Man as God is, dare and have a chance against Ahriman; because they have already won decisive battle that took place within. There is a secret formula of creation.

P.S.: A line of my blogs is also at that I established long ago and rediscovered it yesterday. I wanted at that time to write about something that was impossible to follow; thus, the idea was postponed.

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I did partially expose the Truth in every one of these sites, including this page, as well as in printed materials; if one reads every single scrap of these material, one should be a total moron not to grasp it.

Bruno HRUST.