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You are all invited to my kingdom, yet only few we see coming to see me; most will wait for next time to come. I am the One that has power to heal those afflicted with terrible maladies, but has chosen the highest peak to dwell; inaccessible even to the very fit and able. If you wonder about how will those sick and disabled reach me then I will tell you: only those who really want to reach me will reach me. Only for them I am here ... that never fail me, did not ever and will not ever.

Here is another one of my essays posted at and it may come handy as one-off email; as writer of the stuff, I must know what to write and the reader must be aware what is being written. Therefore it is necessary to be selective in this regard. The very same article may come as an intriguing reading to everyone, but to achieve this will take a real genius that can be achieved through a process of thorough selection, not here in this line of public communication; in this line of communications, the very same article may be intriguing only to one part of readership and the other part might take it either as an offence to their intelligence or make them puzzled. Since one cannot predict readers’ reaction, we leave to the readers to have their choice: if they want more of that, well, they shall subscribe to our announcements and we shall advise them of our new products.

Whatever is here, although Copyright protected as it is, it’s free for you to read and learn from it; if you feel that you can understand it without further explanation, then good luck. However, we shall endeavor to explain the stuff that we are here writing about, by fine-tuning it in specialized papers, which shall be offered to those readers that we deem ready for it. If you feel a need for more advanced discussion about the subject, or would like to attend to our seminars or participate in our cause, then send email to: or write to: PO Box 5014, Midland WA 6056, Australia.

The person behind this enterprise, and the posts at, is a free person and the pen-name used is the free choice of that person: the writer or issuer(s) of this article choose what to reveal and to whom to reveal and what … whether their identity, size of their shoes, the number of a discarded account … whatever. Their aim is to help the reader, to break free too. So, our readers should not ask at all, they should know it all. And they will, just must be patient. It may be of some help to say that the person who writes all this stuff is a pensioner; and the helpers are pensioners too, so, one wonders how we can do it. As you can sense, pensioners have plenty of time up their sleeves, but not much to play with; some of those folks have some ace stubbornly-stuck right up there that may have got off their mind, but that is all one can expect from an old person; maybe we did in our young and naïve days play hard (and stupid, all we had …), but one learns that the trump card is never to be played first. This author fights for his rights (and yours too if you are in it!), so that some feel scared to be associated with the writer; at least one of my acquaintances has sent me an email to that effect.

It is to say that everyone bets when ready; we are not hastening you to do anything, but to prepare you for what is already up and running since the time immemorial. We are trying to make aware of that ace and realize the importance of that ace up your sleeve, which may not necessarily be expected to find its place there but was pushed by life. Your life? Possibly, it could be; but one is not too sure and says: maybe “yes”, maybe “no”. You would never notice that ace there, because you hardly noticed the life you lived; together you lived your life for others and of others but not for you, expecting an automatic reciprocal response that never happened. They were too busy with living their lives in full to think about yours; they are those of you that you cannot recognize as yourself. If a person happens to have that ace up their sleeve and the person not ripe enough to notice it, that is if the person is a moron or too young and/or naïve, then others will notice it and play it to their advantage

I am referring here to something that any and every person has but does not own and vice versa, what one is in possession of but has not, because of lack of awareness that would unify the person with the possession and place him or he in control of his or her possession, thus regulating the relationship between being possessed and to be possessed, within the person, which project itself universally. It is a person’s potential that is there at every person’s disposal by the very nature of the life itself; and the capability and/or capacity of utilizing this elixir of life makes a great difference, and is all and only difference. The knowledge that I bear is the ultimate gnosis; it comes from the very same source and is of the very same potential that is omnipresent and thus everywhere and in everyone; when I give it to you have to be grateful and I shall accept that but always remember: it comes ultimately from you, but was not yours because you were not aware of it; it is there dormant for eons and could finally die, and by bringing that knowledge to life I am doing that through you; only by enlightening you I am able to rescue that Knowledge for the sake of the knowledge itself.

To be able to accomplish my mission I must clear the way for the spirit and the soul to recognize you in a special form in your special forever-changing body of mind soul and spirit, as the acceptable playground for that great game to take place once again, and the workshop and a lab where the great work and “experiment” of mine can be accomplish. Work of mine is there purposefully, which you shall understand when ready, which is an experiment with you, because you do not know and thus must rely on believing or not believing of what is to be seen; but those who have seen it already, there is no room for doubting. Needless to say that a person must be rid of every limitation and only then, being totally free, one will be able to manage the ultimate gnosis; it certainly would not make much sense to empower a power-greedy person. Power-greedy person is the one who does not know what real power is and therefore, by natural selection, is not in possession of it. Power belongs to the powerful only; those who desire power have it not.

The same principle applies to everything and everyone: strong or weak … to whatever you can think of. Life itself produces energy and emanates from the same source that it produces; only the one who is capable to harness that energy of life is capable to run the life, to take control over it; to posses it and be its master, putting it in his or her use … together with all other participants that the life brings with itself into the great game. Thus, I am the one that deals and I am the one that knows all the cards, because they are forever in my hands, they are like marked; my hands know them all. You are in my hands too and thus not free; because you are not capable to take upon yourself the knowledge of life. Being in the hands of the enlightened one may sound comforting but does not alter the fact that you are still held captive; only the knowledge of life that I am carrying and offering to you will set you free; you cannot be really free by remaining my slave, even it is your choice.

Freedom of choice is the choice of a free person and thus is not a privilege but the right. Only a free person has right to choose, and only as free one is able to make right choice; otherwise, one makes a choice under the circumstances. Until you are ready to break free, you have made right decision to be in good and right hands as opposed to be in the bad and wrong ones. We can utilize your service and thus make you useful member of our team and in return, by being our intern, you will gradually learn the lessons that will help you to break free and become your own master. It is necessary that you accomplish every task assigned to you consciously, applying yourself fully to the task through which you will make things happen, not I; I am only the one that helps you to do.



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David Pluff -- No. 1 (a serial in memoriam)

David Leroy Pluff, Overton, Rusk County, Texas – No. 1

This is opening article, to be posted in
IMPORTANT: when replying, quote “David Pluff-1” in the subject line

It is about an American patriot and Viet Nam veteran, David Leroy Pluff from Overton, Rusk County, Texas, was born October 1, 1945 and died April 11, 2006. His 14.75 acre property is situated at 10680 64W State Highway in Turner Town, Overton, Rusk County, Texas. I cannot put picture into this blog but can send in email to those interested. David Pluff and Hongjiu Liao have become husband and wife on December 29, 2004 with the celebration taken place in the office in Nanning, Guangxi, China. He went back home to Texas to do business as usual and to finish his new home where he intended to bring his wife, his “China Doll” as he used to call her. In the mean time, he petitioned for his wife to bring her home to Texas, and, just in case, he made a Will in Mr. Patterson’s office, witnessed by Mr. Patterson, a lawyer and Mrs. Patterson, a law-service person herself, in which he made a clear point of disinheriting all of his children and made his wife inheriting every bit of his property, just in case … knowing that undercurrent of immense love towards Chinese nationals. I can understand, because in Australia is very much the same, but his wife certainly cannot; because he did not want to disappoint her, and she is not able to read let alone to read between the lines. The Will is registered in the office of District Court at Law, Rusk County, Texas and the case number is: 06-065P

The Will itself is a wetness of a life within the body of a majority of contemporary Americans and soberness is its very strength from which emerges the courage of the brave that sheltered a cowardice for too long; David did say his piece between the lines to all those that can hear and show to those that can see and one week later he was found dead: heart attack, says the certificate … however, his sister Lou said in her faxed memo to David’s wife, that he had a fall. Roughly four weeks prior David’s departure to China, he was brought to Henderson Memorial Hospital in near-dead condition caused by extreme suffocation, the happening of which is the record in his email to his wife; a shocking account, extremely disturbing too, that I have presented the both lawyers with and both had replied that David daughter, Laura Hood a.k.a. Laura Pluff has different explanation for the fire. The facts are: a) that the fire was never investigated by the police and b) that Laura set the house on fire while her father, David was fast asleep, which was the main reason for the creation of the Will, in which she is to be disinherited most prominently.

Now we have a situation where both lawyers know about the fire “from the horse’s mouth”, that is, they have received David’s email to his soon-to-become wife, because I have sent it to both of them; there I hinted to the possibility of aiding and abetting in a possible crime investigating situation thus perverting the cause of justice: police cannot investigate something that is hidden, because deemed as a natural happening by people who not only have no training and capacity to classify the crime as it is happening but only to protect the criminals to get punished or overly punished. It could have been an accidental death, which I am inclined to believe is the case, but also a manslaughter too; but, reading all David’s emails to his wife, and listening to her what she has to say about the whole thing that David told her (the two talked every day twice via Internet and she knows a lot), and taking in account the Laura’s hatred toward her father’s wife; and in view that he made a Will a week earlier to disinheriting her … well, it makes me think that the whole thing might be warranting a thorough investigation. But the lawyers don’t. Nobody asked Mrs. Pluff to come there and say her piece.

She must get there in order to apply for widow’s pension and veteran widow allowance anyway; thus government is actively helping the poor situation she is in by refusing to issue with a visa. And this is not all: there are three properties rented out, collecting $1,275.00 monthly, which are collected by someone there but not by its rightful and legal owner. She is the legal owner of all property, despite the Will being contested: the act of contention does not suspend her right as an owner while deliberating. The court may deliberate as long as they have to, and until the court reaches its verdict, everything stays in place and runs as usual. But, by preventing her, as the rightful owner, to run her legal affairs, they are forcing her into accepting a bankruptcy as the only legal way out; which is illegal and punishable by every law in the world that I am aware of. But later about that will be mentioned to the Texas Lawyers’ Creed too, asking them their opinion on that matter.

Later more about this publicly when the court case is over; I intend to write a book about that story, because is both fascinating and incredible. Until then you can write and get the story privately and insert “David Pluff” in subject line. Needless to say that we will have to spend a lot of money, apart from the $6,000.00 paid to a lawyer I hired in Henderson, Texas on behalf of Mrs. Hongjiu Liao-Pluff; so, every donation will be received with deep gratitude and appreciation. Add to it the uncertainty about that lawyer, because we cannot be sure about his wellbeing; he did not write to us, neither to Mrs. Pluff nor to me, for months, after so many emails begging him to say something. Before, when a court was due, a lady-lawyer suddenly got pregnant and had to have maternity leave and that has stalled the case; I and Mrs. Pluff did extend our good wishes and hopes that the baby is healthy etc. It’s a boy, sort of, without being too chauvinistic. Better not here too much; e-mail me instead. Documentation is meant to be presented in the book, when ready, or in private emails.

If there is somebody or a company that would be willing to lend us a bigger amount of money, big enough that would see us through all this business without much hassle, I could arrange the transaction to be made via my son’s company account; your company gives to my son’s company and later, when we sail in calm waters your company gets the money back with interest. However, we are not beggars and intend to return with our blessing every donation, big or small, after accomplishment of the intended business in the USA. Thus, what we call donation is actually the money that you lend to us with no specific terms; of course, if you still nurture a hope that the honesty and human dignity is still alive and kicking. I do not want to sound like a beggar but am just nudging you: try, try with a small dose and see how it goes.

Did I forget to mention anything? If I did not mention now, there is still time to tell the rest of the story to all the folks that are interested in and would like to know it badly. The worst can happen to someone is that he is simply forgotten. Note: I did not use term they or he/she, but just he. And he knows why that is so: he forgot me here and now and I shall forget him there and then, in my Kingdom forever. Worst could happen to a man if he loses the purpose of life, because the purpose for life comes in question.

In conclusion of this and every section of this series I appeal to every reader for help with:
a) Material information about David Pluff
b) financial help that a reader can afford
c) assistance on US soil, mainly in Tyler or Henderson area
d) organizing the business, computer and Internet expert needed

Points A and B: Materials, as well as cheques and/or money orders, can be sent to address: URBI ET ORBI, PO Box 5014, Midland WA 6056, Australia and all electronically transmittable can be emailed to: and point C means to help me or me and Mrs. Pluff when there in the area in finding accommodation, addresses, telephone numbers and/or email addresses of the required offices and other places, as well as in finding some sort of transport: hiring or buying a cheap vehicle, or maybe borrowing one. And D applies to some good person in Australia or abroad, a person that is a real expert in computers and is willing to help me with a peace of an expert advice when I need it.

What follows is a short email to a person that I try to explain things over and over having developed a feeling that the walls would understand easier and probably do if they can hear; so, sometimes I get pissed off. So, forgive me folks if you feel that I turned into Shiva.

21 September, 2008

==== extracts from an e-mail that touches the subje3ct above ====

Knowing your way of reckoning, I am not at ease while writing this note to you; but I must remind you that, even though love is omni-present and ever-present and even though every person needs it and desire it, it is not applicable to every person. Even if a person deserves to be loved it does not automatically mean that the rewards are waiting already; they may be coming very slowly, or stuck somewhere on the way to their destination, stuck forever.

This memo regards your property in Texas; the whole business of contesting your late husband’s Will has turned into a comedy at your expense, of course. That is why Mr. Patterson assured you that the property is under the protection of the court and has an administrator appointed by the court that looks after it … and you need not to come there. At the same time the US consulate in Guangzhou has refused to issue you with a visa, fearing that you may extend your stay in USA, knowing that you have your legal rights for widow’s pension, which you can apply only on the US soil, not from China.

The only way to get it is not to relay on their justice, but to go there and get it; of course, if you have no other means to get there and take it, then you have no choice but relay on their justice, which means, relay forever. Their justice or their love, or whatever is there is not yours. Like love that is not necessarily based on passion or/and sacrifice, their justice may have nothing to do with their, or anyone else’s law, and still be operational in domains far away from your understanding. There are many legal ways to get there and do your business legally. Of course, that requires money that you have not; they are aware of it and therefore, reckon with the case to be long and expensive: they are not worried because only the rent of three rented properties brings in $1,275.00 per month.

By now it is clear that you cannot get there without being detected, because you are now on record at their embassy in Beijing and the consulate in Guangzhou; so, even if you could gather money for travel, they are not likely to issue you with a visa … and if you try at some other consulate, you must declare that you have made an application in the past and was declined.

Now we will wait for reply from Beijing – and wait and wait, endlessly wait. And we have no time, we have no money either, because of waiting endlessly for something to happen that we have not put in motion yet; what the others will ever do for you (or us) is very limited in nature and fits only into your brain but not into reality.

I have a definite plan of action, which, sadly enough, I am not able to disclose to you. If I would, it would become our plan and thus doomed to failure; simply because you do not understand western way of thinking – and will never understand due to your resistance to learning: as one would say, to old for new tricks.


Thank you for your time; I sincerely hope that you enjoyed and do feel rewarded.
I would appreciate if you recommend me to your friends and tell them to visit:

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What We Know We Do Not Say

It seems laughable that I let you going so far and for so long (over 25 months now) with your lies, but it stands for a reason: some lies surfaced as such later, so I could not do much about them but to watch their effect in a new development they create finding themselves, usually unfamiliar at first but getting used to its creation as the time passes; and some lies I watched in their development for the sake of closer analysis, that is for the sake of intellect-training exercises; and with some of them I was going along just from sheer curiosity. Most importantly, my mission is that what holds me here, and it is as complicated as the life that I am living: when I find the Truth then I shall find my true self. It is actually not a woman, not a beauty … nor elegance that I am instilling in you trying to find the grace that will crown my life; one does not need to make such an effort, covering thousands of miles for a woman that can find in every neighbourhood. More likely, it is the Truth that I am after, which is accessible to those more patient and persistent ones, those few “lucky ones”.

I would like to say something about the use and abuse of any computer: be it your own PC, somebody else’s PC, company’s PC or government PC. A use of the PC (computer, not calculator!) can be regarded both as authorized and unauthorised, which depends on the outcome of the use and its result, but any abuse is strictly unauthorized in its effect and by its affect. By leaving my PC unguarded, I am leaving my computer open for use or abuse, which is left solely at discretion to user’s conscience if there is any, but with that act I only authorize you for using of my PC. If you make the same slip three times in six weeks of letting me notice the same thing, the I gather that there is no intelligence to which one could appeal; and now I see that there is no conscience either.

In order to be able to use a PC, the user must be basically an intelligent person, but not necessarily conscientious; usually the computer users are very intelligent people, which can easily cause erosion of their conscience. It is natural cause and effect cycle where the intelligence overpowers the conscience, which, now defeated, takes refuge in justification that the mind is all-powerful and thus all-right. Here are the simple mechanisms of action of the heart disabled, those telling you that what is not good for you is not good for others too … and the mind has its way: good is only if is good for me. Use everything as it is your own and treat it as your own: if you do not like somebody to remove your stuff, then do not do it to anybody else; and what ever you do with my PC, be ready to find it done with yours and do not complain about.

Thus removing, deleting, forwarding or tempering with any file without the owner being aware of it, constitutes an unauthorized use of PC; and even more than that, every moron can tell, it is a criminal offence punishable by law, and that is the very reason that every moron will try hard to hide their unauthorised activities. Because I do not, by locking up my PC, hide my activities and, because I do not make a computerising synchronisation between my thinking, saying and doing, I am at ease to share my secrets with my close friends; because there is everything coded in a way and one must speak the number of languages that I speak, have the same friends from his/her youth days that I have, and many other factors to include in order to make any sense of my stuff there. Bit by bit, you will find less and less there that may interest you; until all … is gone (until all trust is gone). I say it loud and clear that I never think only one way and hardly ever say what I really think; and as for doing, always I do it my way.
Yes, I do it my way. The computer worries me little if any at all: it will get fixed today or tomorrow, or any other day; there are two spare ones that I have, and many more shall be bought for that matter. I will buy them and trade them, as we do with all light things … and persons. Spies, thieves, traitors and whores have a price but no value; we value those things and or persons that we can trust. A person with honour burries his dog, or horse, or a trusted friend, but never sells them; and those with no honour sell them on the markets to those forever-hungry beggary customers. Thus the one that really matters we never do speak of.

My next email (which will be also published in my blog) shall be very educational in nature, about western men and how they are treated by women in general, so do not forget to express your interest if you want to it to be sent to your email; and please do not forget to include me into your browser, or to check your spam box.

PayPal account: if this is not correct, try

P.S.: One word and everyone should know what this means: I am a pensioner with very inconsistent payments (Centrelink would always find some excuse to cut off my pension, until I get it back), so every time I am being sabotaged in any way (and there are the volumes to be written about), it drains me financially; at the same time I have my project that I support with every last cent. Recently my car, which I left at friend's place in Perth, was stolen by someone living there and was driven to Broome (later will be said more about; an incredible story that now involves me too). Too heavy onus is on my shoulders. Therefore I have opened a PayPal account to make more convenient to other people if they want to help my projects.
With this and every blog: I sincerely hope that these blogs will be read buy intelligent people as well ... though there is to expect that not every person will enjoy the read. Furthermore, it is written for the general public and as such is free of charge. However, we do engage in projects and ideas that are rather classified in nature and therefore cannot be published publicly or given free of charge. These projects consist of seminars to selected few; eye to eye contacts; classified letters, books or emails. To get closer to the core an intelligent person will know what to do.
If I tell that in relity there is nothing unexplainable, that even thought is of material substance(s) and that everything has its root(s) in Nothing, and that from that, Nothing, every creation comes to life alive, and to light allight ... very few are there who would enjoy my thought. But, they are out there and we are searching for each other. Do you know that everything exist in the state of nonexistence, in a state of dormant reality.