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Should this reading appeal to you, as the reader, then consider supporting it in some way, i.e. donate something, in a way of physical effort of otherwise, like cash, so that this writing finds its way to broader public. Being poor pensioners, students, jobless or generally deprived and destitute, we struggle; but we are persistent in our efforts. Regardless being poor or rich, we invite you to join us; a helping hand is most welcome. If you feel being poor, your working with us may change that feeling and make you feel as being rich instead: if you have (something), then it is only one component of the whole and now you must be charitable to have that missing component that will make you a whole person. To be able to give and feel as rich enough to be able: to give and to receive, endlessly. Never is too late for learning, especially the fundamental principles of life.

Since we value our readers, all your gifts we receive with appreciation and at the same time that very act of giving will make you richer; only rich can really give. Being rich but mean is worse than plain being poor: real riches are in generosity, and if a person is on the mean side, then he/she cannot afford to be generous. Thus, generosity is out of their reach. All the same, do not take us for beggars because beggars we are not; buggers then? Anyway, we are here expressing a thought and it is entirely up to you to choose the appropriate response to it. Although involved with poverty and destitution of the world around us, and thus affected by their effects, we are not demoralized by it or inspired by it in a negative way, but rather shall use the given situation to demonstrate the real power of our Word and that of our prayers and thoughts directed to the Providence.

Upon receipt of your donation, our most sincere prayers for your personal health and wellbeing being and success in all of your business and/or financial dealings, as well as in your intimate and private affairs, shall be directed to the Providence, to reward you very richly, by giving back to you many times over the amount of your donation. In addition, for any donation worth over $10,000 (ten thousand dollars), we shall hold a special ceremony that is involving the presence of our Patron, on your behalf. In case of your having a property, or business, but have no one that you love or trust to be worth enough to inherit it or entrust with it, we will gladly take care of it; we shall be honouring your Last Will and Testament, and in addition, we shall say prayers for your soul. So, think about. It may be a good idea to transfer it to our sponsor: HRVAT Pty Ltd.

The world itself is a wonderful place and it all depends where one at a particular moment is in this world: if one is with us then that person enjoys our view, not everyone can or is supposed to be with us. There must be some kind of balance; in a person as well as in the world, and the universe as the whole. As a person you may become worried if you find yourself in a state of ecstasy at all times; the same is if you are in state of sadness and depression all the time. Real happiness you may consider somewhere in between. So is with world in which we live. It is by your choice, or by lack of it, that you are, or you are not, living in the world of your desire. Many acquire wealth that they are not able to handle; usually they desire even more, and it is that desire that makes them poor, not the wealth, which they have or have not. The real riches are there, where no presence of desire is; where person’s worldly desires are fulfilled.

It was not so long ago that I felt discontented with my situation, where being a poor and helpless pensioner was at the mercy of some officials that may or may not understand my situation. I was not aware about my situation, as I know it today; still being pensioner nothing seem to change outwardly, but within I feel the fullness of life, and know that I am in any and every aspect richer than those who are giving me my pension so reluctantly. They have nothing of their own that they could really give, since apparently everything is at the expense of the wretched taxpayers. Of course, it made me unhappy: being a problem to both of them, the governmental officials and to the taxpayers, now at the age when I am not physically able to fetch for myself I felt both sad and furious; thus, change of the pension system is just one additional task on the agenda. Pensioners should have secured future, independent of any other group, with the same rule applicable to every group of any and every society.

I used to rebel but gradually my vision cleared up and I do see now the whole situation from different angles and am even able to laugh: it is because I am here now at the right place, and at the right time; it is where is my place, where I am destined and designed to be. Here I am home, not misplaced, as a refugee would be. The opportunity to join us and share the goodies of the world shall be given to many, to every of you who read this, but only those predestined for it will feel free to take it up, not everyone neither has capacity nor is designed to do so. There must be some balance in the world too; so, do not feel bad if you do not feel inclined to joining us at this stage. Take your time, and maybe later, when you see the change in the world around you, you might feel inclined to join and see for yourself what all is about.

Big changes are in front of us, changes that will be so overwhelmingly magnificent, of which not everyone will be able to grasp their significance and thus many will be taken aback by surprise that may not be pleasant one for everyone. For us however, because we do understand them, and because we can influence them in some way, we will see that all our friends are pleasantly surprised at all times. Knowledge shared will set our people in front, automatically, as to provide a healthy balance to the world in which we all live together; someone must be at the front and some at the back, left and right, or on the right side or on the wrong one etc. Whatever here written is for public domain, and is just a “tip of an iceberg” of the real knowledge, which cannot be seen by naked eye or comprehended by mundane intelligence.

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