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David Pluff -- No. 2 (a serial in memoriam)

David Leroy Pluff, Overton, Rusk County, Texas – Article No. 2

Read this article at and other suitable publications that we shall find fit for the purpose of promoting the Truth. It is an obituary series about David Pluff, but it appears not in the rubric “In Memoriam” or “Obituaries”, but in rubric “Justice, Law and Lawyers”. What I can tell the reader right now, David Pluff will have to say much, much more than can fit into this text; much more than some will be able to stand. I do urge you to obtain and read previous issue so you can be in the picture. Your comments are most welcome; all emails to be addressed to: .

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(Following four paragraphs are pasted from the previous issue, to avoid repeating, and new stuff is added after them, marked by three asterisks.)

American patriot and Viet Nam veteran, David Leroy Pluff from Overton, Rusk County, Texas, was born October 1, 1945 and died April 11, 2006. His 14.75 acre property is situated at 10680 64W State Highway in Turner Town, Overton, Rusk County, Texas. I cannot put picture into this blog but can send in email to those interested. David Pluff and Hongjiu Liao have become husband and wife on December 29, 2004 with the celebration taken place in the office in Nanning, Guangxi, China. He went back home to Texas to do business as usual and to finish his new home where he intended to bring his wife, his “China Doll” as he used to call her. In the mean time, he petitioned for his wife to bring her home to Texas, and, just in case, he made a Will in Mr. Patterson’s office, witnessed by Mr. Patterson, a lawyer and Mrs. Patterson, a law-service person herself, in which he made a clear point of disinheriting all of his children and made his wife inheriting every bit of his property, just in case … knowing that undercurrent of immense love towards Chinese nationals. I can understand, because in Australia is very much the same, but his wife certainly cannot; because he did not want to disappoint her, and she is not able to read let alone to read between the lines. The Will is registered in the office of District Court at Law, Rusk County, Texas and the case number is: 06-065P

The Will itself is a wetness of a life within the body of a majority of contemporary Americans and soberness is its very strength from which emerges the courage of the brave that sheltered a cowardice for too long; David did say his piece between the lines to all those that can hear and show to those that can see and one week later he was found dead: heart attack, says the certificate … however, his sister Lou said in her faxed memo to David’s wife, that he had a fall. Roughly four weeks prior David’s departure to China, he was brought to Henderson Memorial Hospital in near-dead condition caused by extreme suffocation, the happening of which is the record in his email to his wife; a shocking account, extremely disturbing too, that I have presented the both lawyers with and both had replied that David daughter, Laura Hood a.k.a. Laura Pluff has different explanation for the fire. The facts are: a) that the fire was never investigated by the police and b) that Laura set the house on fire while her father, David was fast asleep, which was the main reason for the creation of the Will, in which she is to be disinherited most prominently.

Now we have a situation where both lawyers know about the fire “from the horse’s mouth”, that is, they have received David’s email to his soon-to-become wife, because I have sent it to both of them; there I hinted to the possibility of aiding and abetting in a possible crime investigating situation thus perverting the cause of justice: police cannot investigate something that is hidden, because deemed as a natural happening by people who not only have no training and capacity to classify the crime as it is happening but only to protect the criminals to get punished or overly punished. It could have been an accidental death, which I am inclined to believe is the case, but also a manslaughter too; but, reading all David’s emails to his wife, and listening to her what she has to say about the whole thing that David told her (the two talked every day twice via Internet and she knows a lot), and taking in account the Laura’s hatred toward her father’s wife; and in view that he made a Will a week earlier to disinheriting her … well, it makes me think that the whole thing might be warranting a thorough investigation. But the lawyers don’t. Nobody asked Mrs. Pluff to come there and say her piece.

She must get there in order to apply for widow’s pension and veteran widow allowance anyway; thus government is actively helping the poor situation she is in by refusing to issue with a visa. And this is not all: there are three properties rented out, collecting $1,275.00 monthly, which are collected by someone there but not by its rightful and legal owner. She is the legal owner of all property, despite the Will being contested: the act of contention does not suspend her right as an owner while deliberating. The court may deliberate as long as they have to, and until the court reaches its verdict, everything stays in place and runs as usual. But, by preventing her, as the rightful owner, to run her legal affairs, they are forcing her into accepting a bankruptcy as the only legal way out; which is illegal and punishable by every law in the world that I am aware of. But later about that will be mentioned to the Texas Lawyers’ Creed too, asking them their opinion on that matter.

* * *


Today is the first day of October, David, and I wish you a happy birthday. Today a child was born to become a man and a patriot, an American patriot, who, being an honest man, is naturally trusting, will be betrayed by his compatriots, fellow Americans; not by the ordinary Americans but by those who have taken an oath to serve and promote justice and the law. Unbelievable, but it is true; because you were not there they did not care to honor your Will. Those involved would try to find the justification in your “wrong choice”, because you have chosen to marry a Chinese woman; in your Will you have said it all, when you disinherited your immediate family: they did not pay a hid but show defiance instead … as if you have done something out of order by hurting them who think and act typically American, typically Western. Firstly, your daughter lit the fire in the computer room while you were fast asleep, and then she contested your Will, thus stalling the smooth continuance of the life that you started. Lawyers joined happily into this circus, knowing that there is money to be had. But, is the money the only motivator in this game? No, by the long shot not, which will be explained later on after I finish this rant with relevant Texan facts and in a Texan style? They could not that to David while he was around because of fear, especially when he had a few under his belt. Some of the testimonies reveal, as seen in the court archive, that they used to run for cover if he saw that something was out of order; in that Texan state or the state of the Texan that we talking about, all riffles would be ready, loaded, some in the cabinet and some out; he like to keep his things clean; especially his riffles. As it is now, the whole property is plundered, cleared of everything, contrary to assurance by Mr. Patterson to Mrs. Pluff, that “property is fully protected by the court order and has an administrator appointed by the court to look after it”.

As said above, money was not the only motivator; it is more complex than that. It is deep-rooted in every American person, but denied by majority of Americans; only a small percentage of population do recognize it and battle with it, and at the same time trying to make aware their fellow Americans of the true affair that is denied but well alive and kicking under their skin. Those patriots are usually ridiculed by their fellow Americans and often punished for their heresies, especially in the south, like Texas or Louisiana. I am referring to deep-rooted hatred and plunder or exploitation of any sort. Thus depriving David’s wife of her inheritance is in their eyes justified as an act of “correcting a mistake” of their “beloved”, though heretical fellow American; she is a Chinese, after all. It is of very little or no importance that it is contrary to the letter of the Texan law; so, many of the executed orders (like selling off the possessions of David Pluff), have not been signed by the judge, as I happen to witness it when visiting the court archive. But, this is not an isolated problem that only David Pluff was confronted with, but one that is facing every single American, and the American politics; it affects the policy of every American administration, because they are depending on wars and more wars.

US fiscal policies are those of plunder and exploitation and it is obvious that it cannot go that way forever; this financial blow of these days is just a beginning. After the WWII was clear that this cannot work, but those involved were not able to do anything about. The same is today, but things are gradually improving and soon we shall see America at her beginning: to start to work hard for her crust, and think less about plundering other nations. Even though the American people have expressed their wish not to bail out banks, trough the vote of senators, it is to expect the Senate to give in: the ever-increasing pressure of newer realities is opening their eyes to the point where they wonder if it si possible to abandon the old-fashioned style of plunder and exploitation. They know that the only way to plunder without open hostilities is the ‘free market economy’, where the only US is free to set the rules to their advantage. Once every nation start to fetch for themselves and does not want to do business with US, America will then become free too; as it is now, US economy is depending on others. Real wealth is in real sweat, one’s own sweat.

2 Oct. 2008

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