Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Plague

For some reason or another, this page I could not reach. I do not even want to think about the possible reasons, because the thinking is causing me sound paranoid, which I do not want to happen. In the mean time, I have established my own websites with the help of HRVAT Pty. Ltd. That one can visit at (index page) and in English, and another two sites, and in Croatian. For some reason, most readers are either not able to understand or not willing to understand the material there; but I think that is because I might be too critical of ordinary mob on those pages; and, in addition, I make sure that no pearl is dropped in front of a swine.

Nothing new, even in the most secret societies, the Truth was never revealed; a narrator would come so close to it that only a total moron would miss out. In this way one protects the Truth; remember that the Truth can never be told, but only betrayed. So, one does not have to be a sworn member to keep the Truth secure and safe, but out of love and respect for the Truth, one should never betray it. Therefore, if you do not know the one you speak to, you speak not, especially not the Truth; I am sure that this sort of teaching is regarded as immoral, because it is “dishonest” , even though I clearly said that “if you do not know whom you are speaking to”, or dealing with should be understood.. Thus, the difference between my own son and some other being is in my Truth that is conveyed to them; in addition to general knowledge, my son knows what I want him to know, which nobody else knows. If he shares that knowledge, than he shares that intrinsic bond between us, thus sharing me with the others.

This does not bear any prejudice towards anybody; it is truth that the blood is stronger than water and on that sort of thinking a nation is founded. But, these days we forgot to think idealistically as URAN did when He established Man and nation, as we see at and also at www.hrvat/uran1, that is being re-edited at the present moment and will appear, in extended version, as When I see a human as different species to a man (of lower rank) or Man (of higher rank), then I must emphasize that this was established long before me. Here I quote Jonathan Blake what he writes in his bestseller The Secret History of the World : “As Newton’s cabalist contemporary Lady Conway put it, ‘There are transformations from one species to another, as from stone to earth, from earth to grass, from grass to sheep from sheep to human flesh, from human flesh to the lowest species of man, and from those to the noblest spirits.’” (Italics are mine). If God has made a human as a cannon fodder, giving him a purpose of life in serving men and nothing more than that, what right have we today to change it; but, because we usurped that right of God, created a situation of enormous plague hitting the Mother Earth, where the vermin has taken firm hold on us.

There where noble efforts made in the recent history to restore Mother Earth’s health and glory, but have all failed, as I have described it somewhere else. And, as we come close to the end of this page, it is good to mention that I do not have only one pen name, and that neither of my pseudonyms shall reveal anything in public; I love you as individual, but loath you as a mob or public. I love you as a nation, but loathe you as a public that has lost identity and is on its way to become vermin. This material my become very hot and banned; we are issuing the same stuff in form of booklets and magazines. And it is up to each individual reader to organize the stuff coming his or her way. Without being paranoid in a slightest, I can foresee the things; but, if there is no one that really appreciates the stuff, then I am not worried too.

Bye for now,
Here still,
Bruno HRUST.