Friday, September 19, 2008

What We Know We Do Not Say

It seems laughable that I let you going so far and for so long (over 25 months now) with your lies, but it stands for a reason: some lies surfaced as such later, so I could not do much about them but to watch their effect in a new development they create finding themselves, usually unfamiliar at first but getting used to its creation as the time passes; and some lies I watched in their development for the sake of closer analysis, that is for the sake of intellect-training exercises; and with some of them I was going along just from sheer curiosity. Most importantly, my mission is that what holds me here, and it is as complicated as the life that I am living: when I find the Truth then I shall find my true self. It is actually not a woman, not a beauty … nor elegance that I am instilling in you trying to find the grace that will crown my life; one does not need to make such an effort, covering thousands of miles for a woman that can find in every neighbourhood. More likely, it is the Truth that I am after, which is accessible to those more patient and persistent ones, those few “lucky ones”.

I would like to say something about the use and abuse of any computer: be it your own PC, somebody else’s PC, company’s PC or government PC. A use of the PC (computer, not calculator!) can be regarded both as authorized and unauthorised, which depends on the outcome of the use and its result, but any abuse is strictly unauthorized in its effect and by its affect. By leaving my PC unguarded, I am leaving my computer open for use or abuse, which is left solely at discretion to user’s conscience if there is any, but with that act I only authorize you for using of my PC. If you make the same slip three times in six weeks of letting me notice the same thing, the I gather that there is no intelligence to which one could appeal; and now I see that there is no conscience either.

In order to be able to use a PC, the user must be basically an intelligent person, but not necessarily conscientious; usually the computer users are very intelligent people, which can easily cause erosion of their conscience. It is natural cause and effect cycle where the intelligence overpowers the conscience, which, now defeated, takes refuge in justification that the mind is all-powerful and thus all-right. Here are the simple mechanisms of action of the heart disabled, those telling you that what is not good for you is not good for others too … and the mind has its way: good is only if is good for me. Use everything as it is your own and treat it as your own: if you do not like somebody to remove your stuff, then do not do it to anybody else; and what ever you do with my PC, be ready to find it done with yours and do not complain about.

Thus removing, deleting, forwarding or tempering with any file without the owner being aware of it, constitutes an unauthorized use of PC; and even more than that, every moron can tell, it is a criminal offence punishable by law, and that is the very reason that every moron will try hard to hide their unauthorised activities. Because I do not, by locking up my PC, hide my activities and, because I do not make a computerising synchronisation between my thinking, saying and doing, I am at ease to share my secrets with my close friends; because there is everything coded in a way and one must speak the number of languages that I speak, have the same friends from his/her youth days that I have, and many other factors to include in order to make any sense of my stuff there. Bit by bit, you will find less and less there that may interest you; until all … is gone (until all trust is gone). I say it loud and clear that I never think only one way and hardly ever say what I really think; and as for doing, always I do it my way.
Yes, I do it my way. The computer worries me little if any at all: it will get fixed today or tomorrow, or any other day; there are two spare ones that I have, and many more shall be bought for that matter. I will buy them and trade them, as we do with all light things … and persons. Spies, thieves, traitors and whores have a price but no value; we value those things and or persons that we can trust. A person with honour burries his dog, or horse, or a trusted friend, but never sells them; and those with no honour sell them on the markets to those forever-hungry beggary customers. Thus the one that really matters we never do speak of.

My next email (which will be also published in my blog) shall be very educational in nature, about western men and how they are treated by women in general, so do not forget to express your interest if you want to it to be sent to your email; and please do not forget to include me into your browser, or to check your spam box.

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P.S.: One word and everyone should know what this means: I am a pensioner with very inconsistent payments (Centrelink would always find some excuse to cut off my pension, until I get it back), so every time I am being sabotaged in any way (and there are the volumes to be written about), it drains me financially; at the same time I have my project that I support with every last cent. Recently my car, which I left at friend's place in Perth, was stolen by someone living there and was driven to Broome (later will be said more about; an incredible story that now involves me too). Too heavy onus is on my shoulders. Therefore I have opened a PayPal account to make more convenient to other people if they want to help my projects.
With this and every blog: I sincerely hope that these blogs will be read buy intelligent people as well ... though there is to expect that not every person will enjoy the read. Furthermore, it is written for the general public and as such is free of charge. However, we do engage in projects and ideas that are rather classified in nature and therefore cannot be published publicly or given free of charge. These projects consist of seminars to selected few; eye to eye contacts; classified letters, books or emails. To get closer to the core an intelligent person will know what to do.
If I tell that in relity there is nothing unexplainable, that even thought is of material substance(s) and that everything has its root(s) in Nothing, and that from that, Nothing, every creation comes to life alive, and to light allight ... very few are there who would enjoy my thought. But, they are out there and we are searching for each other. Do you know that everything exist in the state of nonexistence, in a state of dormant reality.