Thursday, September 25, 2008



You are all invited to my kingdom, yet only few we see coming to see me; most will wait for next time to come. I am the One that has power to heal those afflicted with terrible maladies, but has chosen the highest peak to dwell; inaccessible even to the very fit and able. If you wonder about how will those sick and disabled reach me then I will tell you: only those who really want to reach me will reach me. Only for them I am here ... that never fail me, did not ever and will not ever.

Here is another one of my essays posted at and it may come handy as one-off email; as writer of the stuff, I must know what to write and the reader must be aware what is being written. Therefore it is necessary to be selective in this regard. The very same article may come as an intriguing reading to everyone, but to achieve this will take a real genius that can be achieved through a process of thorough selection, not here in this line of public communication; in this line of communications, the very same article may be intriguing only to one part of readership and the other part might take it either as an offence to their intelligence or make them puzzled. Since one cannot predict readers’ reaction, we leave to the readers to have their choice: if they want more of that, well, they shall subscribe to our announcements and we shall advise them of our new products.

Whatever is here, although Copyright protected as it is, it’s free for you to read and learn from it; if you feel that you can understand it without further explanation, then good luck. However, we shall endeavor to explain the stuff that we are here writing about, by fine-tuning it in specialized papers, which shall be offered to those readers that we deem ready for it. If you feel a need for more advanced discussion about the subject, or would like to attend to our seminars or participate in our cause, then send email to: or write to: PO Box 5014, Midland WA 6056, Australia.

The person behind this enterprise, and the posts at, is a free person and the pen-name used is the free choice of that person: the writer or issuer(s) of this article choose what to reveal and to whom to reveal and what … whether their identity, size of their shoes, the number of a discarded account … whatever. Their aim is to help the reader, to break free too. So, our readers should not ask at all, they should know it all. And they will, just must be patient. It may be of some help to say that the person who writes all this stuff is a pensioner; and the helpers are pensioners too, so, one wonders how we can do it. As you can sense, pensioners have plenty of time up their sleeves, but not much to play with; some of those folks have some ace stubbornly-stuck right up there that may have got off their mind, but that is all one can expect from an old person; maybe we did in our young and naïve days play hard (and stupid, all we had …), but one learns that the trump card is never to be played first. This author fights for his rights (and yours too if you are in it!), so that some feel scared to be associated with the writer; at least one of my acquaintances has sent me an email to that effect.

It is to say that everyone bets when ready; we are not hastening you to do anything, but to prepare you for what is already up and running since the time immemorial. We are trying to make aware of that ace and realize the importance of that ace up your sleeve, which may not necessarily be expected to find its place there but was pushed by life. Your life? Possibly, it could be; but one is not too sure and says: maybe “yes”, maybe “no”. You would never notice that ace there, because you hardly noticed the life you lived; together you lived your life for others and of others but not for you, expecting an automatic reciprocal response that never happened. They were too busy with living their lives in full to think about yours; they are those of you that you cannot recognize as yourself. If a person happens to have that ace up their sleeve and the person not ripe enough to notice it, that is if the person is a moron or too young and/or naïve, then others will notice it and play it to their advantage

I am referring here to something that any and every person has but does not own and vice versa, what one is in possession of but has not, because of lack of awareness that would unify the person with the possession and place him or he in control of his or her possession, thus regulating the relationship between being possessed and to be possessed, within the person, which project itself universally. It is a person’s potential that is there at every person’s disposal by the very nature of the life itself; and the capability and/or capacity of utilizing this elixir of life makes a great difference, and is all and only difference. The knowledge that I bear is the ultimate gnosis; it comes from the very same source and is of the very same potential that is omnipresent and thus everywhere and in everyone; when I give it to you have to be grateful and I shall accept that but always remember: it comes ultimately from you, but was not yours because you were not aware of it; it is there dormant for eons and could finally die, and by bringing that knowledge to life I am doing that through you; only by enlightening you I am able to rescue that Knowledge for the sake of the knowledge itself.

To be able to accomplish my mission I must clear the way for the spirit and the soul to recognize you in a special form in your special forever-changing body of mind soul and spirit, as the acceptable playground for that great game to take place once again, and the workshop and a lab where the great work and “experiment” of mine can be accomplish. Work of mine is there purposefully, which you shall understand when ready, which is an experiment with you, because you do not know and thus must rely on believing or not believing of what is to be seen; but those who have seen it already, there is no room for doubting. Needless to say that a person must be rid of every limitation and only then, being totally free, one will be able to manage the ultimate gnosis; it certainly would not make much sense to empower a power-greedy person. Power-greedy person is the one who does not know what real power is and therefore, by natural selection, is not in possession of it. Power belongs to the powerful only; those who desire power have it not.

The same principle applies to everything and everyone: strong or weak … to whatever you can think of. Life itself produces energy and emanates from the same source that it produces; only the one who is capable to harness that energy of life is capable to run the life, to take control over it; to posses it and be its master, putting it in his or her use … together with all other participants that the life brings with itself into the great game. Thus, I am the one that deals and I am the one that knows all the cards, because they are forever in my hands, they are like marked; my hands know them all. You are in my hands too and thus not free; because you are not capable to take upon yourself the knowledge of life. Being in the hands of the enlightened one may sound comforting but does not alter the fact that you are still held captive; only the knowledge of life that I am carrying and offering to you will set you free; you cannot be really free by remaining my slave, even it is your choice.

Freedom of choice is the choice of a free person and thus is not a privilege but the right. Only a free person has right to choose, and only as free one is able to make right choice; otherwise, one makes a choice under the circumstances. Until you are ready to break free, you have made right decision to be in good and right hands as opposed to be in the bad and wrong ones. We can utilize your service and thus make you useful member of our team and in return, by being our intern, you will gradually learn the lessons that will help you to break free and become your own master. It is necessary that you accomplish every task assigned to you consciously, applying yourself fully to the task through which you will make things happen, not I; I am only the one that helps you to do.