Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Telstra and the "government-private partnership"

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A letter sent to Telstra's lawyers in Melbourne

D&B Ref.: 6344029

2 December 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting me; after a few attempts with some other lawyer firms, debt-collecting company, threats with the credit bureau and so forth, Telstra has made another futile attempt in collecting money for non existent services, which shall be explained to you in the pages that follows. The factual truth is different of the one that your client pictures to you, and I am more than willing and ready to prove it in a court of law; I would gladly sue your client already if I had a slightest chance to do that, i.e. money and a brave attorney to take the case in. Futile is their effort, because they try to find suckers who will clean the dirty mess they have done.

The fact is that they owe me $287 for the service they did not provide. At the time I did not have a chance to dispute it properly because I have lost my payment receipt; and their operator told me that I did not pay, and that was it. Later I have found the receipt and have it now scanned in my computer; however, in the midst of dispute I have cancelled all service, because the service was not only nonexistent but much worse (on for a little time than turned off, because of “the bill being not paid” … and again on and off), which in the mean time caused a total collapse of the whole structure that I was building … which about I am not at liberty to talk here, but to mention that to me is more worth than everything in the world.

But they continued sending bill for the next month $253.39; that is for the time that neither phone nor the broadband was connected. I would like to see that. I have sent a complaint to Telecommunications Ombudsman in Melbourne, nut they have directed me back to Telstra and gave me their registration number; because Telstra has no office these days where one could speak to them, I was not able to contact them … nor am I inclined, to tell the truth. I just want to use this chance to tell you that Telstra owes me big money and it is long overdue. On the top of that, they are involved in criminal activities, as spying on people like me for example; I know, you might think that I am paranoid and suffering under delusion of grandeur, and I can tell you that even writing this letter to you and urbi at orbi makes me being different from the rest of the populace, sets me apart from the rest. They can check for bugs and de-bug; can they bug, if necessary?

If anyone is in doubt about “government-private partnerships” then it is necessary to reiterate its modus operandi; Telstra is just one of such enterprises, along with Centrelink, Public Transport Authority, State Housing Authority and more, just does enter my mind at the moment. Al these “government-private partnerships” enterprises are strategically key public services without which the society cannot function and whoever runs those departments can exert a force on public, can actually blackmail the public, take away any choice; with free choice taken away, there is freedom taken away too. All those “private partners” work under protection of government; under protection of people they loot. All of them have arranged their activities away from people’s basic democratic and legal institutions, so all disputes are solved internally and never hit the public eye. Ombudsman will send you back to Telstra as Social Security Appeal Tribunal will send you back to ARO and so the game is going in circles. Of course, they are all working “independently” from government, which I am sure they do.

And here is the catch: in a democratic society based in freedom, a government must or at least should be the choice of the people, where the freedom itself is expressed in a free choice, to come in power, and thus it cannot take the choice and freedom away from public in all its entirety; but through the “government-private partnerships”, not only is freedom taken away from the people, but the government is in fact a puppet government in hands of interests those not of people but somebody else’s. And if you are finding it difficult to recognize those behind the scene, then I shall help you in the search for the truth: take good look at the Buckingham Palace.

It is not only Australia in that position: United States of America is in even worse position, because they have really swallow everything, hook and sinker, and the rod too, lulling themselves in illusion that they are fighting their war, for America, whereas they are fighting the war for mother England that wants dissolve or put under control the United States.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Except for recipient’s address at the top of this letter, the rest of this letter in its entirety shall also be published at: http://brunohrust.blogspot.com and any correspondence hereafter that I might find fit. It shall appear in my newsletter about government and its agencies: “URBI ET ORBI”. Therefore, since I am a pensioner and my correspondence with you will be in a open domain, accessible to everyone, I am not at a total liberty of saying everything but just enough to supply you with basic info about the case you handle; I can see that Telstra did not supply you with the truthful info, but just with uncompleted data, thus making you an accomplice in their dirty business.

“Telstra and the government-private partnerships” is the title of this letter.