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Letter to Centrelink and Australian government

30 / 6 / 2008

Re: 603 026 910H / Q002 / xu2/complex assess

Dear Sir / Madam,

Although I am referring to your letter dated 18 June 2008 and, therefore, will concentrate exclusively on your demand, this letter is just another one about my ongoing and never-ending plight with Centrelink. Therefore, it is addressed to Centrelink (a private, not necessarily Australian agency, hired by Australian government, to replace an official go­vern­mental department, DSS), as well as to the Australian government too; to the Prime Minister of Australia. It is also directed to the Australian public and to the whole world in general, that is URBI ET ORBI. The foreign diplomats may appreciate being informed too. More on the subject can be found, as well as the answers to many questions, by vi­si­t­ing http://brunohrust.blogspot.com where this letter shall show up as well. I shall en­de­a­vor to be concise and stick to the “point of your excuse”, that is to my legal connection to HRVAT Pty. Ltd., a company of which I am director and a sole shareholder.

Before I touch the point that you want me to touch, let me tell you about the path that Nazis trod to bring them to power in 1933; they used exactly the same methods that many used before they did, and after they did. You are using the same sort of tactics as they did, and I shall present it to you:
Nazis used blackmail and intimidation, and Centrelink is using the same;
Nazis exerted pressure on government to promulgate laws that gives them rights to do whatever they find fit, arrests, phone taping etc. and the same Centrelink does and more. In her letter of mid-2004 Ms. N. Blake said that Centrelink can garnishee my bank account without a court order. I am wondering if that is the same lady, Ms. N. Blake, who sat on tribunal when I have appealed last time? The rules say that the person to hear my case must be the one who has not been in contact with the customer’s case before;
Nazis forced the government to promulgate laws that cover their activities (atrocities in the case of Nazis) as they were necessary actions; the same does Centrelink;
Nazis have laid down their conditions that would give them total power to their legally elected and constitutional government, which the government, in lack of any choice considering the situation, finally accepted and gave the Nazis (that at that time still have not been a fully formed political party, just ideologically orientated mob), unconditional power, exactly like Centrelink operates in regards with the Australian government. The whole nation took the blame and suffered: government did not have choice and could not provide a leadership to people; as a matter of fact, the German government at the time did not have their own parties to lead. The same is with Australian governments that have their political following: it is not the same to lead a political party that is united in one set of beliefs or to lead the nation that is scattered among many beliefs and thus disunited; for that reason, any Australian party as well as an independent political candidate, will tend to take offered crutch by any organization that is able to sweet-talk them into taking on governmental duties, thus fall prey, risking its own integrity and a reason to in that position. There are more similarities than I could mention in this letter, but maybe some other time. One can find this by reading a really nice book: Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner; Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London.

NOTE: I am neither suggesting here that there is any kind of conspiracy that we know as such at work nor that there are traitors amongst us who are aware of it; I am trying to point out here that no thought and no idea would ever presented to anyone in its finality. There is no end to anything presented in this reality and it must be visualized, to serve as a form of guidance. Therefore, ramifications open spontaneously and they could be used and abused. This is a conspiracy of a third kind; one that we all are involved in without being aware of it. I shall try to explain it in a simple way; but again, I will not say it all. Idea that is totally unknown to us was sawn and left to us, to breed and bear the fruit; and, because we know nothing about its beginning, we are not able visualize its end and tackle its ramifications. We all are targets and potential victims now, and those amongst us who have succumbed are real victims, mainly because in the process of achieving something unbeknown to them, they have been made into tools in the hand of the unknown sewer.

Herewith I am challenging Centrelink and its power; therefore I one of their customers who does not accept Centrelink’s arbitration as the judgment of the one who is qualified to bring such a judgment down that I would respect; Centrelink is not governmental department that cares about its citizens’ welfare, but cares about its own profit as any other company that is profit-driven. Before, DSS was different and notably an Australian governmental department: Centrelink is not. Therefore I would suggest that Centrelink and I meet in court of law. If Centrelink has such power already that would influence the judges decision in any way, than be it so; I shall accept it as such.

Now I shall quote your letter dated 18 June 2008; quote is in italic.

We are writing to ask more information to help us to make the right decision about your Disability Support Pension. Further to the private company HRVAT Pty Ltd. Would you please provide the following: A copy of the last available company tax return and full financial statements (ie profit & loss statement, balance sheet, depreciation schedule and notes) Please mail the information we have requested to this office or take it to your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre. If you would like any original documents returned to you, let us know so we can return them by registered mail. If you have any questions or would like more information or you are unable to provide the requested documents please call us on the number shown at the top of this letter. You need to contact us or give us the documents within 14 days from the day you receive this letter to avoid your Disability Support Pension being stopped. Yours sincerely, JM Hearne, Complex Assessment Officer, Centrelink.

We, Centrelink and I, have already establish that I, as a director of a company, regardless of status whether non-paid or paid office holder of any company, am not able to “provide you” or divulge any inside information about the company; the only exception my be considered as legal if the particular information is required by a court; if any office holder of any company gives an inside information, he/she has committed a crime and is liable for prosecution, regardless of the fact that the office holder was forced to divulge the information. You are committing a crime by using treats of stopping my pension (as shown above, Nazis had used similar tactics), but, as long I am able resist and have some back-bone left, it does not give me any legal or moral right to succumb to Centrelink’s treats. One who succumbs to any unjust force is on his or her way to learn justifying, the art of justify ones deeds. You may find excuses handy, but by sticking to the law one has no need for excuses.

However, if you think that you have right to ask anything, you are most welcome to challenge my stance in Australian court of law. The same rules apply to you as they did to me when your tribunal advised me to go to court, when the case was totally muddled up by too many useless hearings; To pay court $5,000.00 in advance, which cannot be returned and, all the bills must be paid by the party that has lost the case, that is, the party that did not win. You are most welcome to invite me there; I am accepting your invitation with enthusiasm and pleasure. But do not go low using dirty tricks of the early last century. Now, remember this: every time you make mistake and my pension does not hit my bank account on time, Centrelink owes me $1,000.00 per each day in interest only. If the Australian government support inadequacies of Centrelink, then the government is welcomed to pay for the damages that Centrelink has done on their behalf. Remember again: if Centrelink has any question of any description, there is a court of law. As a law abiding person one does not fear of the justice; but injustice is already done many times over that it is already time that we hear what the court would have to say.

Now, the ball is in your court: you can stop my pension, because MY MONEY is in your possession and it is practically not my money, not my pension, but yours, which I have to earn first, to qualify, regardless of the fact that I am already qualified for it, and the pension was lawfully and legally granted to me. And tell me: who are you to dispute the law of yesteryears: the law may have been amended many times, but never suspended. Never yet, until almighty Centrelink came and put their foot on it. I never forget how I was placed under surveillance, which came to nothing. Why it did come to nothing? –Yea, because it proved being illegal operation, reserved only for spies and subversive elements, as enemies of the state or social order; thus it could not be found any justification for it in trying to rob a pensioner, or pensioners, of their livelihood. And, since we are talking now about spies, I personally would not be surprised that amongst Centrelink are active secret services like Mossad, CIA, to mention just few; in fact it would surprise me if there would not be any of them. Only that much about my trust in Centrelink.

There we are: is my pension legally granted to me, by Australian government, or I am “privileged to receive payments from some unknown quantity called Centrelink, as an advance for some favors in a way of intelligence, information and alike? If the second be the case then I must say right now that I shall never accept that; I shall never knowingly nor willingly return their “favors”. In view of this that I have just mentioned above, I feel that it would be foolish of me to place my hope in future with Centrelink; so, it is prudent to find a way to prevent the plunder of one’s own person. They are actually robbing me of government funds that are not only granted, but also entrusted to me, to make me live very long life; so I shall live, life-long, and live happily without thinking about Centrelink. And you know what: I was never terrorized by any known terrorists that we see on TV, but was, and still am terrorized by those hidden ones behind the counter, the local ones. If we do study the terrorism in the world, then we shall see that it is there as a reaction to the deeds or misdeeds of governments that blindly pursuing unacceptable and thus out-dated policies that are denying or suppressing the basic human rights of individuals and/or whole nations. I am not just talking hot air, because I too, am never telling the final thought as first, and as second, I might not even think about further, for whatever reason it my be: do not bother; do not have time; find it too futile to present, because of taking a view that people would or could not understand etc.

My medical and pharmaceutical entitlements are not restored yet, from the last time the Centrelink has stopped my pension; suffering, suffering … When you stop one’s pension, you are required to issue the person a card, which clearly indicates that the person not receiving a pension, so one can use it as proof of a social status and income; so that person is not required to buy a round but rather be excused as one who was just unlucky enough and meet robbers. In short: to equip the lucky person with necessary tools, which in turn shall enable the person to make decent living, by begging in front of the doors of foreign diplomats, media houses and the like. And, what I would like to do is, to set up a computer program which the moment the pension does not hit the bank, automatically dispatches the messages all over the world. May god send me a good soul with that sort of knowledge one day if necessary.

Now I shall write down the minimum effort of what exactly I do expect of any patriot of the humankind in this world, be it a president of a state or country or an ordinary citizen, young or old, sick or healthy; because the problem is not only of Australia but of the whole world. With this gesture, of meeting my expectations of producing that effort, every patriot involved will show awareness that warrants a hope for the better future of the whole world. I expect everybody to spread this letter in its entirety, without making any change to it, in whichever way the person finds it most convenient.

(603 026 910H)
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