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Social Justice (see Article 1 of 2)

Article 1 (main article) of 2 in this blog:
About Centrelink and its (or their) modus operandi

Social justice is not only achievable but is a responsibility for a conscious man to strive for, and endeavor to create a kind of society that is worthy of him as a creator; through this kind of his efforts He shall be distinguished from the rest of the society. Societies, as structures, might be woven from the same fabric but they are definitely woven differently and thus have a different appearance; principles though that are hidden in their intrinsic nature are the same. There are several different classes, ranks, spices and races that are intermingled today, living painfully together, many of them trying hard to make the life worth living in one way, and many in the other direction. It is not one single race that inhabits the planet earth, discussion of which shall not take place here in this article.

Since Centrelink uses the mask of Australian Government, this section that follows is addressed to Centrelink and Australian Government and shall be sent to both of them: to the agency that is hired and to the boss that hired the agency. It is really not totally clear who is here doing what, that is why it does not matter much. Before we used to know what is of the government and what is not; today one could not be certain, thus some things could be argued unnecessarily. Where is room for arguing, there must be possibility for victims without a hope to see the justice; because the arguing takes place in domain of the hired agency that is now out of reach of its hirer, i.e. Australian Government and its constitutional departments of law and justice. In its domain, Centrelink appears to be the judge and accuser against their customers, thus making the ground itself too shaky for the customer to achieve his/her rights in their own country: the country belongs to Australian, not to Centrelink, and Australia is here to promote and to protect the interests of Australians, not those of Centrelink.

Now we come again to that unfortunate issue of Centrelink; here I am presenting the recent happenings that cry for clarification from higher place than the Centrelink itself. Their Tribunals are not the right place to oversee any dispute between Centrelink and its customers, because of the vested interests that disqualify them; it must be a Court of Law. These few of the recent happenings presented here are just excuses for something more sinister that is going on behind the scenes; of course, everyone can dismiss this just as my wild imagination. One does not have to be a lawyer to smell the rat and see that the things simply do not add up. Of course, everything that I shall mention here could be dismissed as unintentional or accidental mistake on Centrelink’s part, but, I maintain, it is unlawful and even illegal, not to mention unethical to put the blame for one’s mistake onto other innocent party and demand that they prove their innocence.

I, as a free citizen of Australia, but unfortunate enough to be pensioner and thus Centrelink's customer (CRN 603 026 910H), make occasionally a free decision to travel out of Australia for duration of three months, which is the maximum time allowed for the portability of the pension that excludes any formal preparations in a way of paperwork; application is needed for staying out of Australia longer than three months. They say that I must say before my departure when and where I go, which is contradictory to their own regulation and which I dismiss anyway straight off and would like to clear this point in Court of Law.

Firstly, I am not obligated under any law to plan anything, including my travels, and am still entitled to pension as such;
Secondly, I may travel with the travel arrangements that I have no direct control over them, and am not able to discuss anything that is not in my domain;
Thirdly, in view of the popular political exploits of terrorism, I would not want to jeopardize lives of other people by revealing my flight schedule to anyone including Centrelink. Of course, Centrelink could possibly not have any undesirables among their ranks; everyone else could but not them.

I could make the list of excuses even more impressive but this shall serve the purpose of what I want to say; and is better to say less than more, because by default, as this organization is devoted to helping their customers, it would make me bite my tongue, that is for sure.

I consider myself as a free person and will never willingly accept a subordinate position; by trying the tactics of intimidating people, Centrelink is breaking the law. They have no right over me, but they have usurped the power to do with my livelihood as they pleased; they are using my pension as blackmail against my person and my personal freedom; and this is what I consider as a criminality in itself. They are practically putting bluntly that if I want a pension I must behave as they want; and yes, I shall spell out to you that I am a free person and have no wants: I do not want anything, I have everything. (Getting into my element again …)

Yes, let me ask Centrelink now and for ever: Do I have right to my pension, or am I so privileged to have a pension, because of being a good boy or similar? If I have right to something, then I do not want ever discuss my rights: rights are absolute and as such they are there without need to be materially present; but privileges are not absolute and therefore are dependent of approval from above. And remember forever this: I am the sovereign and/or supreme in my own rights and the fundamental stone upon which is based the lawfulness of the society that we all live in.

One can take my life from me, but not my right, or the right to it; that can be achieved only by usurping the power to do it. However, higher awareness would make me very pleased: all this display of “I” is because I know that I am pushing things that should already be there in the right place; it is too pitiful that there are so many of those in some sort of need – too many beggars around, so a bugger like myself would stick out like a sore thumb. I can see that and so can Centrelink, at least some of their leading officers. That is why I do understand Centrelink when they, like any other opportunist, would try to “help all those in great need” at their expense, of course, and since they cannot or are denied the chance to discriminate, they have to crush the bugger. Many at Centrelink are not aware of this, and I do not blame them.

So, whenever I happen to venture something that would improve my life, and I do separate my life from anybody else’s life, destiny or fate, anything of any description, as far as Centrelink is concerned I am wrong by default and Centrelink will quickly use anything they can find to accuse me of wrong doing and thus make me punishable by their internal regulations; in their opinion they are the ones who have the sole right to control my life, as a life of a pensioner. They are making sure that no court of law will ever be involved in any of Centrelink’s dispute with any of their customers; they have taken on a much bigger cake to chew, with many different ingredients that may be conflicting in its essence, so no wonder they choke very often.

Later I shall write more detailed essay on that subject and endeavor to explain the intrinsic workings of a system of Social Security (how it is now and how it should be) that could possibly satisfactory for everyone, that is liberating and not enslaving. Slaves and Masters (not necessarily their slaves or their masters) do share everything intrinsically, but on different planes of existence that do not clash; unfortunately Centrelink has no knowledge about this and thus is creating more misery than good for its customers. Yes, not everyone is unhappy with the Centrelink and not everyone agrees with me, especially if the person is not pensioner of Centrelink’s customer; ask the folks around if they understand what I am talking about. But the Centrelink is for sure not happy with me writing this, though some of their staff may be happy but dare not express their feelings; but, they may lie and say that they do not mind presenting my opinion and, as usual give me a customary pat on the back … with a 4x2.

Centrelink has a pretty bold system in place that is based on making profit only, for Australia as a whole they may argue, and in the process they cause by their action the alienation of robbers and the robbed; they are causing the alienation of the citizen from the state, thus calling the deepest feeling of a patriot into the question. And indeed, they have at several occasions raised the notion of my own citizenship in question on account of my travels abroad. It may have been hard with the previous system of social security and DSS, but that system was felt as being Australian; a system that struggles together with all of us. Today’s system, that was introduces by our weary (or lazy) government of that time, is felt by many Australian patriots as a parasitic system that has planted itself upon Australian body, like bunch of leeches and parasites; I personally feel that way so much so that would not mind if they go. They did their bit of robbing me, and I believe many other pensioners just that those people are not aware of, and even if I never see my dollars back I would be happy to see the back of Centrelink: Australia is a beautiful place and deserves to be kept that way. We need a better social security system than Centrelink that is for sure.

They robbed me by accusing me of owing them some $25,000, because I did work, suspending my payments at the time while was working, and did not want to declare my earnings to them. Their tribunals brought down totally contradictive decision, which would need further clarification by federal court. Since I did not have money to pursue them in court, and they have sent threatening letter that I must pay all costs if I lose the case, they illegally collecting from me in fortnightly installments. I have a proof of being not at fault but it does not count, because did not come to any court of law. For that matter I am invoicing Centrelink with $50,000 and $1,000 in interest for each month that goes by.

Another big one is, they assured me that the portability of pension is six months, and they cut me of the pension after three months; I was not even aware of it immediately, but have had means to survive long time if necessary drawing on my credit cards; credit card is not meant to be for pensioner, because of being able to be independent of Centrelink. With this action, combined with some other events, they made me hit the wall, causing me enormous debt that I will struggle with forever if nothing better comes my way. I have written to my creditors and told them what has happened, and asked them to help me in bringing Centrelink to court of law. They did not bother; but I am waiting for the time when that will be cleared too.

But what is here very important to notice: they reset the date of grant of my pension to the newest date, so that every time they declare me being at fault (for whichever reason they might find), the newly granted date resets my pension and thus I always lose some of my pension. They would restore it immediately after my intervention, that is right, but the damage is done due to computer system being set up the way it is; but the damage itself is more extensive and more complicated. And what if I am not aware of it for some time? And this is exactly the whole purpose of the exercise. I am sure that the same is the case with other pensioners, just people are not aware of Centrelink’s scam. How about to check the records for once, and see where is that huge surplus coming from.

On 18/11/2008 I have received a call from Homeswest accommodation manager and he has informed me that my rent is behind for one week; that usually happens when the Centrelink cuts me off my pension. The pension was restored right the next day and the right amount of the money hit the bank account, but the rent, that comes from the pension before is paid into bank account, was not paid to Homeswest. This little amount of $59 might not come to my attention if it had not been for manager’s call. Many times in the past would have had happened the same thing and I never even suspect that the money was missing from my account, but as I see now there are many ways to get around. Mrs. N. Blake once said to me that Centrelink can garnishee my bank account without a court order; one lady was sitting on tribunal hearing my case, despite regulations that the person must not having had any dealings with me previously.

When I was out of Australia my pension was ceased as well, and restored as normal, notifying me that my pension was current: on Friday, 10/10/08 was not there, and it was not there on Monday after that when I checked before I sent the email; on Wednesday came reply that the pension was current. Since I did not make any of the bank transactions in the mean time, I could not prove it by the bank statement: they may have had paid and the bank was too slack with the processing. Trying hard not to put unnecessary blame onto them, just the ones they deserve.

But here is something incredible that one who does not deal with the Centrelink could hardly believe. My portability was expiring on 31/10/2008, because I left the country on 31/7/2008 (actually the flight was well after midnight on 1/8/2008 but the processing happened before midnight). Well, I flew in on 29/10/2008, two days earlier than my due time. TWO DAYS EARLIER! I did all urgent business right upon my arrival and there was not urgent business to attend to. A week later I have found a letter in my letterbox from Centrelink dated 29 October 2008, kindly informing me about “Suspension of your Disability Support Pension” indicating IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your Disability Support Pension has been stopped from 29 October 2008 because our records show you are still overseas.

This kind of beauty cries to see the judge; not only is this statement a lie, but a lie with intent to plunder me of the part of my pension again. They cannot blame the computer this time, because the computer should activate the checking of my arrival on 31 October 2008, not on 29 October 2008. Also, they have said to me that Immigration Department informs them, being ambiguous about how they do that: over the phone, letter or email as result of an inquiry, or just by entering their computer system. Blessed computer era; without that mighty excuse, relaying on computer, Centrelink would very quickly run out of excuses. DSS has had computers too, and excuses that go along as well, some believable and some not, but we knew it as Australian, whereas Centrelink does not warrant that feeling.

Whichever the case, their (i.e. Centrelink’s) informer or informant (the Webster dictionary does not distinguish between those two: informer is the one giving information and informant is the one receiving it), that is the one who gives away classified information, in some cases regarded as being a spy or even a traitor in extreme cases, which I shall write more at some other occasion … that person or department should do their noble job properly, which means to inform you also when I return home; maybe they did but, for reason known only to Centrelink, Centrelink made another mistake, committed a crime against my person, additional hiccup that caused me to act in this manner writing this essay, for which I charge Centrelink $1,000 (being for: secretarial at the time of a terrible pain and discomfort in my right shoulder).

I think it is enough for now; I shall concentrate on writing a proposal for the new legislation concerning the issue of Social Security. It is achievable and could be made as fair as anything only if it excludes every possibility of plundering the supreme raison deter of Australia i.e. Australian. Australia without Australian (or Australians) has no meaning; the Australian is the one that gives her everything. As a Man, I cannot stand by when injustice prevails or might take place; as Australian I am required to find enough civil courage and point it out for the good of all Australians, and thus prepare myself for the martyrdom if necessary. Life has value only if we invest it for the common good greater than we are.

Some time ago I have read this at the end of an email;
People will forget what you say to them;
They will also forget what you do to them;
But they won’t ever forget how you made them feel.
It is applicable here: I can easily forget all the crap that Centrelink has said or done to me; but when I read that surveillance report of some years ago, made me feel the way I am today and, I am sure, will feel tomorrow. Yes, I feel rotten and as a worm, being forced to receive something from the hand that I do not respect and am tempted to bite.

Article 2 (secondary one) of 2 in this blog:
Take the friends for what they are.

It is about “small things” that I speak here and, unfortunately, the Centrelink as a slightly bigger splinter up my bum that I have caught while sliding down the banister of my life. When I say this then I would like to emphasize that there is a big difference between being unlucky and unfortunate: some of my friends make me being unlucky by their actions in which they have no choice; they are not free persons and therefore have no choice, and I scoop the curse. But the Centrelink has a choice, indeed many of them, and is still “creating mistakes”, by choice. There is no doubt in my mind that all their activities concerning my person is geared towards the creating my life as miserable as possible; they are trying hard to break me.

In my last post I have been overly optimistic and promised to post my writings more often, on weekly basis; but it was not simply possible for me to deliver, because of the usual maladies that took grip on me more intensively than usually do. I have arrived to Perth three weeks ago, with my right shoulder agonizing, so could not even touch the mouse of the computer let alone write, and then, on the top of this was struck by most terrible flu. Then came many other things in between and now I hope to be on my feet again and write about a few small, personal happenings, before I attack things that are more abstract, like workings of life etc.

These “small happenings” may in future turn out to be not so small, but they are small now, because only I can see what is behind the dust and, as some do know where I am pointing my finger and hope that nobody else will be able to work it out for themselves, others may discover the truth when it becomes irrelevant: after all solving the crimes and mysterious disappearances is in domain of the police, especially if deeds are done many years ago, under dust and broom just next to it, calling the prophet for help in reconciling the souls. Prophet has sent me an email (2 of the same subject and contents), and I replied to his email with addition on the top of his original message; hopefully he has sent the email to the right address. That was 22 X.2008.

Remember what I always say: this is a public article and one must not spell everything here, for many reasons; reader must be able to read between the lines and those who are close to me know what I am talking about without additional clarifying words, though some will ask additional question or two, which we discuss in strict privacy. In public one can bring the truth out only in its abstract form; no details or continuity can be revealed. If these are revealed then the justice wants more and prompts the law into action; and nobody want to say the truth to anyone that is not fully trusted. The full truth is reserved for initiates only; always was and will be the same. My ex-wife, who never believed my “conspiracy theories” has told me, few days ago, that she is now certain that I was right about that.

Another “small thing” that happened is that my car, which I left in someone’s care before I went abroad, was misappropriated by ex-husband of someone that I know, and was driven off to Broome; what a curse, I was rang by the lady and she puts blame onto me, because her ex-husband is epileptic and has mental problems … and I should not listen to her when she approved too that the car would be safe at her friend’s place – where they all lived together. Now it is all up to me; how will I bring the car back to Perth is entirely up to me, my worry. But, that’s what some people are like and we all, of course, must reckon with. I do not even know what condition is the car now in, or is it worth to bring it down to Perth; but what I do know is that the vehicle is now under spell and is the best for me to get rid of it: to sell it or to give it away to somebody who has not any clue what is going on. And it cannot be left there for good. I did contact Broome police by letter, because as a pensioner I have no money and cannot afford a phone call to Broome, but still have received no reply from them. I was to contact them again, but wanted to post this article before writing a new letter to the Broome police.

Appeal to intelligence: I have a project, big project, too big; and too many obstacles, some intentional and some by bad luck. But am sure that the Providence will send some help; it’s its project I am on anyway. It says already enough, everything to an intelligent person; I sincerely hope that every reader understand what I am saying here, including you. I have no money and this project asks for much money; very big must be spent in near future. I have a postal address and an email address, and I have a bank account made especially for that project. Guess what? I wanted to say further more about the project to anyone interested in it.

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