Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Telstra 2 (cont.) and Insurance

More about Telstra’s machinations and their modus operandi, this is more or less similar to other government’s agencies, as well as nongovernmental institutions such as banks or insurances, whose activities could be termed, to say the least, inconsistent if not criminal. All of them do resort to outright criminal activities wherever they can; subtle blackmail is as criminal as the outright one, the difference being only technical and subject to debating about a degree of criminality. Their lawyers and the rest of those non-productive parasites called professionals are employed by those big sharks, mentioned above, to enforce the threat: most of people succumb under such circumstances, because there are very few brave and honest lawyers around who would be ready to challenge the government or its agency.

It is legally unacceptable to send out 3 different executioners for the same matter at the same time, and handle the matter directly on the top of it all at the same time; not only it confuses the matter but can be interpreted, and it is interpreted by me, as a “good try”. Telstra (Australian Telecommunication Company) did just that: they have (a) sent me an official new bill; (b) engage the lawyers from Melbourne, to whom I have replied and posted the reply in the previous blog (2 December, 2008); (c) engage debt collector ,,, all at the same time. This is illegal, any lawyer should know that. If I have had succumb or fallen victim to confusion and pay the money, I would be breaking the law; and maybe charged with complicity in some other crime that I have no notion of. How do I know what their real activity is and what is only the façade?

Now comes the icing on the cake: The debt collector has broken the law, regardless of with or without Telstra’s knowledge or approval. The man came here under false pretence of being sent by State Housing Authority (he did not even know a new name of the Authority) to inspect the apartment, but in fact he has been making the inventory. This sort of activity is regarded as a criminal activity and has no bearing in any court, because of the very fact that the would-be-evidence is acquired illegally; more so, this sort of activity is counter productive. Many times did happen in the past and still happens these days too, that police would break into a property without a valid warrant and collect real evidence, but it would be thrown out of court because of being illegally acquired.

Not only Telstra (with or without their knowledge) resorts to spying (or evaluating assets of their victims, as they would argue), but Centrelink too; Centrelink’s spying activity was rebuked by their own Authorized Review Officer (ARO) and put aside as not valid evidence, or better as illegally acquired evidence that did not prove one single speck of me breaking any law, but did prove then as those who were breaking law. All those governmental agencies and private-government ventures as well as bigger corporations that are ruling the rulers are keen to provoke their subjects (citizens) into succumbing and thus breaking the law: no honest and dignified person can break law, but only those worms who could be forced to do something that is not right or honest; only those individuals that can be blackmailed and forced into the crime, mainly because they are ignorant of what the right or wrong is. Law can be interpreted differently by everyone, but is must agree with the conscience of the person; Ask me and I shall tell you more:

Today is 31 December 2008 and paid a visit to an insurance office. I have something to say here about an insurance company; the name of the insurance company shall be suppressed for the time being, but will be revealed at the time of relating the full account. In short, a pensioner is director of the company on voluntary basis, whereas he is entitled to some wage that he does not collect. However, it happened that he injured his little finger and needed to visit doctors. He did not draw any wages and claim any compo, just doctors’ bills to be paid. Insurance did pay bills alright, but one bill was let to be paid by the worker, not by the company; it was addressed to the worker, i.e. to the pensioner. Meanwhile the man got broke, and asked the insurance person if he could take that compo payment, as wages, to which the insurance person promptly responded that in that case she must report it to Centrelink, which I wonder if she should, as a matter of being consistent, every claim report to Centrelink. I know the answer and every intelligent person knows it: it is just a subtle blackmail that shall deter the claimant from his demand to which he responded accordingly, as one can see.

One wonders, what Centrelink has to do with this or any other insurance company? I am not sure about other companies, up till I check it up, but I see the similar modus operandi: they all use blackmail as a way to get rich. But, whether they realize it or not, they give the idea away to all those who can think and who have time for thinking; they can distract and fool many, but not all. Just like Centrelink, they also, relay heavily on their arbitrary bodies which, as the person describes it, is like a newspaper team, that shall look at the same evidence as they are looking now: no second opinion. That is, if one wants to make official complaint; until then, one have to bear excruciating pain and live in agony; and after then, because not being able to present his case in a proper court of law, one has no choice but continue to live in agony. But, because they made a little mistake, by sending the bill to injured worker, they will have to approach that person and try to negotiate a deal; that is much cheaper for them (the whole system is included) than to change this idyllic system through which they are able to rip off their victims, peacefully. I am sure they do not want me to write the full account.

I think that is enough for now. Plenty is left for other occasion. I will tell my story in time to come. I would like to wish you all a prosperous and a Happy New Year, 2009. I wish for myself to be able to accomplish a business in Texas for a person in need, which will cost me about $5,000 (about five thousand dollars). I must go there at the end of February or very beginning of March, 2009. Could anyone help, either by donating or by lending?

31. XII. 2008.