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Guidelines for Successful Dating
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I do not demand your submission, but it is advisable that we do this as a team, not adversaries. If I, who am not a computer freak, can detect certain inconsistencies in the profiles, those men who have more intense interest in this game and are computer wizards, can easier detect irregularities in the profiles of women and decide who is a genuine and who is not.

Even though there are some amateurish looking dating sites, majority of dating sites are highly professional and have their own people, who are trained specifically for the job of detecting fraudulent seekers among their membership, and they weed the fake ones out as soon as they detect them; they urge their members to report every suspicious person so they could check the person out.

Because of nature’s law of placement or misplacement, that fraudulent member is detected and eventually weeded out, so he/she goes somewhere else and the life goes on; but weather a fraudulent person has ever had any real success or not, it could be debated; also it depends on what did they really search for and what did they find. If you think that you are still not too old a dog for a new tricks, then need not bother; I will not discuss the new tricks here.

Usually one does find what is searching for and only sometimes he/she would find something “extra”, as a bonus. The Truth may lay dormant and be hidden amongst many lies, and it shall be found only by a truthful seeker; because that person is as such qualified, has the necessary qualities to find it. One speaks (The Truth) and many cannot believe it; they do not perceive it as such; the Truth amongst lies … and a true seeker amongst the fraudulent ones. And, it then happens, they speak and no one can hear the Truth.

And where it leads them, do they find what they really want? -Not in my opinion, except that many other honest seekers got disadvantaged by the dishonest practices of some people with little or no scruples. As the time passes, there is more fraud, and more disappointment in peoples’ hearts, which could be easily avoided. One could find a solution and renewed hope by changing of seekers’ methods… In that case it is not for you; I am going to work on you, so you will change your attitude and thus, ultimately, to change you.

Therefore I shall put a set of simple rules in front of you, and if you follow them you may find yourself in a happier position; you may have success in you endeavor. These rules are the natural and based on common sense, and as such they can be applied anywhere, anytime and in any occasion. Everything and everyone has its own nature by which is ruled: to change things or person it would be necessary to change its nature, the constituent that makes a thing or person to be.

In reality we cannot change anything; just make different situations, things or beings. One cannot change anything, except his/her own self trough the Will that lies dormant in his/her own person and thus create new situations, things or beings; this is because the only realm a person is able to fully control lies within boundaries of his/her being.

Nature rules over anything and everything; that one that understands this and is able to incorporate this understanding of the Nature (or better the Nature of all things) in his or her life, practically rules over all things and beings; because he is in control of his own life (and not the other way around where the life controls him), the Nature responds and succumbs to the will of the Master, and because the Nature’s sole purpose lies in perfection, it will render its help to change the environment of the Master, for the Master.
That is Nature's job: to make changes, after the perfection has manifest itself trough the creation of Master’s Will. Thus the King is being born; there is nobody qualified to crown this person and this is the very reason for denial and possible physical removal of the King from human existence. The humankind will always await the King, but will never be able to accept him, except for a few enlightened ones, because people at large will never be qualified for the ruling over the Nature.

If anybody wants to be happy I can teach them, but I cannot be happy myself for them; they must want to be happy. I know what makes me happy and how to achieve this what I want; the more I wanted it the easier I achieved the state of happiness. So, I can teach you but I cannot do it for you; because I do not want to do it for you. Here is the clue and more is to come if you order it. Write to:
It is up to the reader to decide what they want; for more info please contact me.

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I know the feeling. It is not so easy to share, even more so with someone one feels has nothing in common. Yes, it hurts and makes one being hard, when one realizes that is alone. I know it, I was there in "The Office of a Lone Sailor" as described by Michael Zekulich in "The West Australian" some time ago (around 1990). So, I might be your choice (if you feel free to have any); or you may have no choice at all. You may be feeling compelled to share. If that is the case than we are both in the same boat: as you share with me what you have so I shall share with you what I have -- The Kingdom.
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The above mentioned pensioner is going to find employment of a sort and does not want to declare his income to Centrelink; they say he must, but that is only what they can say; they cannot do anything about not to declaring an income when not on their "pay roll" (of course, they can raise another debt against that pensioner, and this is exactly what the above mentioned person wants and reckon with).
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4. January, 2008
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