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This line of emails was sent to friends of mine but is relevant to other communication and it is complimenting my writings published in URBI ET ORBI, No. 1, 2 October 2007, which is a newsletter about social security in Australia and related matters; the things, described there, are going on not only in Australia but in many other countries. It is all about freedom: one is either free or is not free. As a free person one has choice, "to be or not to be", and as such is a player who can choose what he or she wants to be, a bugger or a beggar... as a beggar one has no choice. Choices are the creations of creator and thus they belong to creator; they are creator's choices.
Only a free beings have choice, but also responsibility as a mechanism that coordinates the working of the forces of freedom from within the being, with the forces of the same freedom from without the being; thus he, who is free, shall meet the consequences for using his choices, in what ever way he does it (good or bad, which is relative and arbitrary by the user only), but also for not using his choices, in which case he will miss the one and only opportunity; there are many of opportunities in play at all times, and there are many opportunities of similar kinds; you never know what you have until you lose it.
This is described in other writing for those readers who want to know more than just the basics, and are ready to accept the higher knowledge. The art of how to break free and stay free, one can get some idea here and all those who are ready for it will be able to grasp the hidden knowledge and utilize the newly acquired knowledge of the time immemorial that shall liberate them and help them to liberate their loved ones.
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Because I am a pensioner and as such am subject to all sorts of restrictions by Australian government, thus fighting them all the time because I do not allow them to stick their nose too deep into my private life; for that reason, I am very cautious about what I disclose publicly, in my private email or mail communications, and am trying to limit my telephone conversations strictly to business, not about my private affairs.

Because of the nature of my quest for the Truth, I am compelled to give truthful information about my person; therefore my writings look like riddles and, more often than not, my narrations asks for clarification, which I give only to those prospective friends I wish they would know me better. I offer to my friends the Truth, which I expect them to return reciprocally: no person is owing me anything and I do not ask for full account but for full truth, to be truthful with me; they may decline to tell their story, or to stop short, but what they say must contain the truth. This is exactly what I offer to everyone I come in contact with.

To put it straight, whatever I write (or say) it constitutes the Truth, but, because of its unfinished state, it my not be easily understood, and thus is easily dismissed; so, whenever I write about my person I do it in a general form, instead of specifically mentioning my person. Because of my social status, which is being determined by the government, I am, or meant to be, a dependent person without any freedom of choice and thus in need... so, it is necessary for me to do so, in order to legally cover myself against any unexpected action that government might consider to take against me. To understand me better, attached is a newsletter URBI ET ORBI No. 1 / 2. October 2007, which is my creation, which will tell you more about me. Hope you will understand this.

Some people succumb to the rules and regulations imposed on them for the pension they receive from the government; they surrender all legally undue and most private information to the government in order to receive the pension as their sole means of existence. They are in need of that pension and have no choice but to succumb to the government's threat; therefore it seems, in the very essence of meaning, the pension has not an absolute rightful bearing of a grant and as such is neither legal nor illegal grant, which in turn requires constant checking; it is granted to a pensioner as a temporarily help to survive.

Anybody or anything dependent is not free. A person in need is not free and therefore has no choice; their will power is weak or nonexistent, heavily influenced by their need, and as such they can be easily enslaved. As one who has a choice, I am, as a free man engaged in doing business with government, not for government; that pension, that I need without choice, I want to have, at the same time, by choice, not that I need it that much; and I take full responsibility for the consequences.
As I said, it is not need any more, but my choice: to do the right thing and to fight for the right cause. Although I am very grateful to the government for the pension as a help to a person in need, I must know if I am rightful recipient; if I am not, then I must become one ... and to be able of chasing the matter up, I had to prepare myself for the battle; it would be foolish to fight the battle on their terms, without being adequately equipped or even worse being equipped by the adversary.
By accepting that originality that I brought to this reality with my birthright, which I have lost due to complications and mismanagement of life, which has now come back to me as a gift send by the Providence; by accepting that freedom I must accept all that It contains: so the choice is mine. Therefore, it is my responsibility though to think about ramifications too, and to accept the consequences. Nobody can nor is qualified to build my own future; a future suitable for my person, and to my likening. No government or any institution. Nobody has sovereignty over me, as a free man.

I shall stop here hoping that I was clear enough. The rest of my story you will either be able to work it out for yourself or hear it in more suitable circumstances. If that is of worth to you, we can meet and discuss about that; you can contact me on the above address, so we can arrange something. If you want to support this cause then I shall give you all particulars in the email.
The material presented here is fraction of a whole and therefore is given for free, and as such it may seem as being free of practical value too; what is not earned is worthless, one does not learn the lesson and the knowledge (about its true value) is thus missed. As I mentioned earlier nobody owes me anything and so do I; but those who think about me, cause me to think about them. And the more they think about me, the more they cause me to think about them.
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Edited on January 20, 2008.
NOTE A: The particulars of the bank account have changed to the bank account of the above mentioned person, which is understandable enough of which person we speak here. There are reasons for this move: 1) to give excuse to and let Centrelink do whatever they can do and see how low can Joe go; and 2) the mentioned pensioner is going to refuse to have that dole as a pension under these oppressive conditions and has decided to suspend his pension, or cancel it all together if necessary, until he applies for an age pension in 2 years time, or if the condition changes (which is very unlikely).
The above mentioned pensioner is going to find employment of a sort and does not want to declare his income to Centrelink; they say he must, but that is only what they can say; they cannot do anything about not to declaring an income when not on their "pay roll" (of course, they can raise another debt against that pensioner, and this is exactly what the above mentioned person wants and reckon with).
NOTE B: In the published article is the hidden knowledge of immense value for people who know what to do with it. That knowledge will be now given only to those who want to buy it, ie. in exchange for a donation, or to the author's friends and the Followers of the Truth in a form of written article delivered privately either via mail or email.
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